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town of Byala

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The town of Byala (meaning "white" in Bulgarian) is a small, romantic piece of the Bulgarian nature. It is located in the north-eastern part of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea Coast. The distance from our sea capital - Varna is 50 km and from Bourgas is 70 km, both cities having their international airports. It is slightly bigger than the near-by Obzor, which is one of the resorts favoured a lot by both Bulgarians and foreign tourists.


Byala was founded in the 3rd century BC. Its Greek name was Aspros (meaning white). Later, the Roman road service station Templum Jovis (Temple of Jupiter) was erected, with a fortress nearby. The region became a part of the First Bulgarian Empire in 681 AD. In the Ottoman period (from the late 14th century through 1878) a village known as Akdere (meaning "white canyon") existed at the town's present location.
and it was later on renamed to Byala. It was declared a town in 1984. 


There are several hotels, camping areas and beaches. There are attempts to develop "rural tourism", a new concept that is believed to be interesting to foreigners. Byala is a prosperous Bulgarian town due to the thriving local wine industry. The wine of the extremely fine vintage “Dimyat” is produced there.
It also boasts an impressive setting atop bluffs that end abruptly at the water’s edge. Stairs lead down to a secluded beach that curves north toward rocky Cape Atanas. To the south, another promontory separates the small sandy strip from the beach at Obzor. Bjala with its favourable conditions – crystal clear sea, sandy beach and a forest – offers wonderful opportunities for recreation.
Byala's port is currently under reconstruction and is planned to become a yacht marina.


naturAL landamarks

One of them is Karadere - which is one of the few wild beaches left on the territory of Bulgaria and the demonstration centre “The White Rocks” which presents the natural landmark “The White Rocks”. The White Rocks are a continuous rock geological profile with a geochronological Creda-Tertiary dividing line and an accompanying iridium and rare metal anomaly.
Byala is one of the four places in the world, where signs of the gigantic cosmic cataclysm at the Creda-Tertiary frontier have been discovered, which led to the extinction of the dinosaurs and gave the opportunity for the development of the mammals.



I-9 first class road Varna-Burgas is passing through Byala municipality.
To help the development of the sea transportation in Sveti Atanas cove was build a pier  and a small tourist port for fishermen boats and small yachts and there is one place for bigger sea vessels. The port is also suitable for serving tourists.


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