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Razdelna village

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Razdelna is a village in North-east Bulgaria, part of Beloslav municipality, Varna region. It is located 7 km south-west to the town of Beloslav and 28 km south-west to the city of Varna.

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The village lies in a valley and is naturally wind protected. The climate is temperate-continental, influence by the proximity to the Black Sea and is characterised by a cool summer, a sunny autumn, a mild winter with scanty snowfalls and a chilly spring. The population numbers to approximately 570 people. Altitude - 20 m.


Being established in1926 by settlers from South Bulgaria, Razdelna is one of the "youngest" settlements in Varna region and probably in Bulgaria. Yet these lands have been inhabited for centuries. South to the settlement lies the famous Petrich Kale fortress, built over a high cliff back in 5th-6th century. It has been a strategic fortification during the time of the Second Bulgarian State. It was also a garrison of great importance for the Turkish armies. On November 7th 1444 the fortress was seized  by one of king Vladislav Varnenchik's squads. Part of the walls were demolished and the buildings behind them- torched. About a decade ago there used to b a museum inside the fortress but currently all the exhibits are moved to Varna.


In Razdelna there is a community center with a library, a mayor's office, a kindergarten, food shops, a pastry shop, a cafe, a doctor's office, a children's playground, a pensioner's club, an Orthodox church and a beautiful park. In the village there is a workshop for production of bricks. The pupils from the village are attending the school in the town of Beloslav. The village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis. There are also many wells and two beautiful water fountains. A project has been developed and approved for the construction of a sewerage system. The roads are in a good condition. Regular bus transportation is available to the city of Varna and the nearby villages. In the village there is a railway station on the line Varna - Karnobat - Shumen.
The territory of the village is not vast but the land is very fertile. It is being cultivated by registered agricultural companies. Most of the people are keeping livestock for their own needs - sheep, pigs and chicken.
The unemployment level in the village is rather low - the people are engaged into Devnya factories, the railway, the resorts on the sea coast, the ferry complex on the line Varna - Ilichovsk (Ukraine). Many of the younger people are into construction business.
The beautiful nature and the peaceful rural atmosphere provide excellent conditions for the development of eco and rural tourism.


  • PETRICHA protected area - located on the territory of Razdelna village and occupies a vast rock ridge and rock scree. It is a natural habitat of rare protected species of predator birds. The area is accessible via an asphalted road.
  • PETRICH fortress built in 5th and 6th century AD attracts the interest of the tourists. At the foot of the fortress there is a challet named Petrich Kale - a favourite excursion destination which attracts tourists with its beautiful nature and rich historical past.

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