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Nevsha village

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Nevsha is  a village in north-eastern Bulgaria, part of Vetrino municipality, Varna region. It is located 52 km away from the city of Varna, 17 km away from Novi Pazar, 25 km away from Provadiya and 1 km away from Varna-Sofia highway. The population  is approximately 600 people. The relief is  hilly as the area is famous with the great number of bizarre rock formations and caves. The climate is temperate-continental with distinguished four seasons the beauty of each only adds to the charm of the area's unique scenery. Altitude - 135 m.


The legend has it that the village was named after a beautiful Bulgarian lass - Nyagusha. During the Ottoman Domination a local Turkish noble fell in love with her and decided to marry her against her will. To avoid the disgrace the young woman sacrificed her life by jumping off a high rock near the village. Touched by her brave act the locals decided to name their village after her - Nyagusha. As time went by the name of the village has changed and today it is Nevsha.


In Nevsha there is a kindergarten, a community center with a library and many clubs /a women's group of folklore singing, a children's dancing ensemble, a group for Christmas carols and dances, a group for old city songs/, food stores, a restaurant, a post office, a doctor's office, a railway station, an agricultural production  co-operation, a petrol-station.
Provadiyska river is passing near the village and within 15-20 km away from the village there are many dam-lakes stocked with fish.
The access to the village is easy and convenient. The village is supplied with water and electricity. All communications are available - telephone, satelite TV and internet. Regular public transportation is available to the city of Varna and the nearby villages. Nevsha provides its inhabitants a unique possibility to enjoy a quiet and peaceful living among  beautiful nature less than a 30-minute drive away from the sea capital of Bulgaria - Varna.
The locals are engaged into agriculture - production of vegetables, vine-growing and stock-breeding. Many of the local inhabitants are commuting to Varna.
Nevsha offers its guests various opportunities for rural and eco-tourism, hiking, fishing and hunting. The hills surrounding the village provide excellent conditions for paragliding, climbing and other extreme sports.

landmarks and events

  • The village of Nevsha has the most picturesque location among all the villages in Vetrino municipality. Near the railway station, along the gorge of Provadiyska river there are a great number of bizarre  rock formations and  2 medieval rock monasteries - Golyamoto Eleme and Malkoto Eleme. Small springs among the rocks form beautiful, small waterfalls.
  • Dyuzata area is located 5 km away from the village. It is a protected area since it is a natural habitat of a protected bird specie - the Egyption Vulture.
  • The local tourist organization offers interesting hiking trails. They reach as far as the Nenovski waterfall and Probitiyat Kamak /the pierced stone / area near the village of Ravna, which is a protected area, as well.
  • An annual photography and fine arts art camp is being organized in Nevsha, too.

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