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The village of Krivini

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Krivini is a village in north-east Bulgaria. It’s located in municipality of Dolni Chiflik, 45km away from Varna, 7km south-west away from Dolni Chiflik and 78km north-east from Bourgas.


The village is situated in the eastern part of Stara Planina (Old Mountain in English). It’s between Dolni Chiflik and the village of Solnik. It’s on hilly area, surrounded by valley, river flows through the village. The high location of the village to the river determines its natural flood protection. The climate is temperate continental, influenced by the proximity of the mountains and is characterized by hot summers, warm autumn, cold winters with heavy snowfall and sunny springs. The population is about 100 people, altitude - 54 m.


Krivini has existed since the time of Ottoman rule and was populated only with Turkish people. Houses were 60-70 in number and resemble huts, covered with rye straw. There has been a mosque and the name of the village has been Gebesh. The old Roman road Anchialo—Martsianopol (Pomorie-Devnia) passed the area. Krivini and its surroundings have dozing unexplored geological secrets that may be cause for serious scientific expeditions and interesting discoveries in geology and archaeology.


Krivini has a town-hall, community center and convenience store. In the library there are ethnographic collection and authentic folklore group. The whole village has electricity and water. There is a regular bus service to Varna and the surrounding villages. Near the village there is a dam. The settlement is about 2500dka and is surrounded on all sides by mixed deciduous and rarely coniferous forests. In the area there is plenty of groundwater.
The village has workshop for primary processing of logs, private farms produce vegetables, several
apiarists are highly appreciated.
The village has a newly built bridge linking it with Solnik, Golitsa, Bardarevo and Bulair.
The village has been preserved from the tourist invasion in recent years, although its nature creates opportunities for ecological and rural tourism. Last but not least the unique healing spring provides an opportunity for development of spa tourism.


  • Near Krivini is situated the famous place Ciraka, perfect for people who want meeting with the nature
  • Also close is the place Korito, that used to have for many years holiday house with a small dam
  • Goliamo kale place is part of the Early Byzantine fort in Stara Planina
  • The local mineral spring is known for the fact that its water burns. Locals believe that the water is mixed with natural gas and treats various diseases. The phenomenal burning water springs from 600 meters deep and is a result of drilling for oil. It’s temperature is 20 degrees. Investigations have shown that the water comprises about 30% iodine and helps gastric, skin and arthritis diseases. Years ago there was a bath.

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