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Kazashko village

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Kazashko is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, part of Varna Municipality, Varna Region. It is located on the northern bank of Varna Lake, some 6 km to the west from the city of Varna. It borders Varna Lake to the south, Varna-Sofia railway to the north, Kazashko protected area /part of Natura 2000 project/ to the east and Bon Marin Port to the west. In spite of the beautiful nature surrounding the village, one could not ignore the fact that is situated near Varna's Industrial Zone - West. The relief is flat. The climate is characterized with a cool summer, a warm autumn, a mild winter with scanty snowfalls and a sunny spring. The population numbers to approximately 330 people. Latitude - 1 m.


The village of Kazashko, perched on the bank of Varna Lake was established by the so called old-faith Cossacks who arrived from Northern Dobrudja and Asia Minor in 1901. The man to first settle there was named Matvey Rusov and was originally from Romania. The population of the village consists of descendants of old-faith Russians, who have left Russia after the church reformation held in the 16th century and found refuge among the Cossacks inhabiting the territories near Don and Kuban Rivers. In the beginning the name of the village used to be Kazashka Mahala (meaning Cossack neighbourhood). In 1953 the village has received its current name - Kazashko.

infrastructure, transportation and culture

In the village there is a community center with a rich library, shops and a church built in 1936, where many ecclesiastical books and century-old icons are being preserved. Even today the only people allowed in the church are Cossack who do not shave their beards and do not smoke.
The infrastructure is excellent - the roads are in a very good condition, the village is supplied with both running water and electricity. The railway station in Kazashko is one of the most modern in the region. Full coverage of all mobile operators is available, as well as internet and cable TV.
The area surrounding the village is part of Natura 2000 project and there are many beautiful places - vast areas overgrown with reed, various kinds of birds, beautiful birch forests.
Being old-faith Christians the people in Kazashko are distinct with their peculiar originality. Old men do not shave their beards, because "one should live as God has created him" and the old ladies are wearing colourful cashmere head-cloths.
The main occupation of the locals is the fishing.
The village is surrounded by a beautiful nature, but its proximity to the industrial zone of Varna would rather define it as an industrial center than as a peaceful and ecologically clean oasis.
Regular public transportation is available to the city of Varna (bus-lines 18A and 118A), trains and bus-line 14A to Devnya.

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