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Kipra village

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Kipra is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, part of Devnya municipality, Varna region. It is located 35 km away from the city of Varna, 7 km to the north-east from the town of Devnya and 9 km to the south-east from the town of Suvorovo. It is a curious fact that there is just one way to lead in and out of the village.

general information

Kipra is a lovely village, located in the woody feet of the Frangen Plateau, on the slope of Devnya lowland. The climate is temperate-continental, influenced by the proximity of the Black Sea. The spring is sunny, the summer is cool, the autumn is warm and the winter - mild. The village's population numbers to approximately 500 people. Altitude - 120 m.


A settlement dated back to the Stone-Copper Age was revealed at the foot of the Frangen plateau, and on the plateau itself the remains of a Thracian necropolis have been revealed dated back to the 5th century BC. Four reliefs were found in the area dedicated to the Thracian god of Heros the Horseman.
Before the Liberation of Bulgaria the name of the village used to be Taptak. It received its current name in 1934. "Kipra" is a word often used in Bulgarian folklore meaning "a woman with a graceful figure".


In the village there is a community center with a library and a cinema hall. The village's school was built in 1890, but currently does not function. The nearest school is located in the town of Devnya. In Kipra there is also a mayoralty, a post office, an Orthodox church, food shops, a cafe.
Regular (several times a day) bus transportation connects the village to Devnya and Suvorovo, from where bus-lines are available to the city of Varna.
The inhabitants of the village have the opportunity to take advantage on all modern communications: internet access, coverage of all mobile operators, two cable televisions, an automatic telephone exchange.
In and around the village there are many fountains with crystal clear drinkable water. The deciduous forest of beech, hornbeam and oak-trees, flecked with lime trees, provides freshness during the summer and is wonderful for hiking.


In the village there are two agricultural co-operations, which use modern equipment for the cultivation of the fertile land in the area. Over 20 specialists are engaged in the process. Most of the young people in Kipra are commuting to Varna and Devnya. Some 10 people have found permanent occupation in the detergent production department in the village.


For years the village has been known to be one of the cleanest in the area. Its inhabitants take care of the small gardens, scattered on the territory of Kipra. Taking care of the roses is an obligation the mayor has undertaken personally. During the past decade many people from Varna bought properties in Kipra. Several English families have purchased properties there, as well. Most of the old houses in the village were repaired and renovated.
Although more limited compared to the traditional tourist destinations in the country, Devnya Municipality still provides conditions good enough for the development of tourism. The available resources allow the development of both cultural and rural tourism.


  •  Kipra village ethnographic collection - it is set in a house, built in the end of the 19th century. The exposition was established in 1992. It is located  in the central part of the village and has a 1500 sq. m large yard set among flower gardens, trees and greenery and is surrounded by a tall stone wall. In the yard there is a granary and other agricultural buildings. The ethnographic exposition comprises over 200 exhibits representing the lifestyle and the culture of the population of Kipra and Devnya region - a loom, a gill,a  spinning-wheel, bread-troughs, low round tables, a cradle, furniture from the 19th century, textiles, national costumes, accessories etc. Many foreign tourists are visiting this museum on their way to the historical complex in Devnya.


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