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Yarebichna village

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Yarebichna is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, part of Aksakovo municipality, Varna region. It is situated near Varna - Albena road and is located 12 km to the north from the city of Varna, 10 km to the north from the regional center of Aksakovo and 12 km away from the sea-coast.

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The climate is temperate-continental and is characterized by a hot summer, a warm autumn, a cold winter with plenty of snowfalls sometimes and a sunny spring. The relief is flat. Dense oak forests are surrounding the village completely, providing it with a crystal clear air. The population numbers to approximately 200 people. Altitude - 304 m. The former name of the village used to be Malka Franga.


In the village there is a community center with a library, an Orthodox church, two grocery shops, a tavern, a mayoralty, a guest house, a small park.
The infrastructure in Yarebichna is good - the village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis. There are over 100 wells. All modern communications are available - internet, telephone, satellite TV, coverage of all mobile operators. Regular public transportation (bus-line No. 25) connects the village to the city of Varna.
Six foreign families have chosen to live in Yarebichna year-round.
In the village there are seven natural springs over which are built water fountains. The stone troughs of those fountains throw about freshness in the summer and the areas surrounding them are wonderful to have a picnic at. Most famous is the Treskavata fountain as it is believed that the water from it is curable.


Due to its good infrastructure and the proximity to the city of Varna, a small industrial zone have formed near Yarebichna - a nut packaging department, a department for production of sweets, a slaughterhouse and a meat processing department, a granary, a small workshop for furniture etc.
Most of the inhabitants of the village are commuting to the city of Varna.
The main occupation of the local people is the farming (gardening, vegetable-making) and stock breeding.
The beautiful nature surrounding the village, the favourable climate, the proximity to the sea-coast and the good transportation links are excellent predispositions for the development of eco and rural tourism.


  • The people of Yarebichna are proud of the centuries-old oak rising in the southern part of the village. The legend has it that the knights of the Polish king Władysław III of Varna took rest under it in the distant 1444. Some 28 years ago the local foresters have established that the total area of its crown is approximately 10 000 sq. m. It is 30 m high at its highest part and the diameter of its trunk is 11.20 m.

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