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Vaglen village

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Vaglen is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria,  part of Aksakovo municipality, Varna region. It is located 14 km to the north from the city of Varna and 13 km to the north from the town of Aksakovo.

general information

Vaglen (meaning "coal") is located in the northern part of the Frangensko Plateau. The relief is flat-hilly. The climate is temperate-continental. In spite of its proximity to the city of Varna and the Black Sea, the climate in Vaglen is very different than the one in our sea capital, the summer is hot, the autumn is warm and sunny, the winter is cold with plenty of snowfalls, and the spring is cool. The population numbers to approximately 1 300 people. Altitude - 368 m. The former name of the village used to be Kyumyurlak (which is the Turkish word for coal, too). Local ethnographers suggest that hundreds of years ago in charcoal used to be produced in the surroundings of the village and this gave the name of the settlement.


In the village there is a secondary school, a kindergarten, an Orthodox church, a community center, a doctor's office, a dentist's office, grocery shops, cafes, a well-maintained park with a children's playground.
The infrastructure is very well-organized. The roads are in a good condition. The village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis. A digital telephone exchange available along with full coverage of all mobile operators.
Regular public transportation (bus-line No. 25) connects the village to the city of Varna.

economics and development prospectives

Several small private enterprises are functioning on the territory of the village - two modern department for production of modern furniture, a fish processing department, few craftsmen workshops. Near the village is located the regional depot for waste disposal. A project has been suggested for the construction of a bio-gas operating power station as the fuel will be provided from the waste depot.  This is an effective and environmentally friendly technology for the production of electricity. If the project receives the approval of the municipality this will be the only power-station of this kind in Bulgaria.
The locals are predominantly engaged into farming and stock-breeding. Livestock is being bred for personal needs in almost each household. Many of the young people in the village are commuting to their jobs in Varna.
The proximity to the sea capital and the convenient transportation links have determined Vaglen as a wonderful location for the development of small private business in the area of the stock-breeding, farming, light industry and craftsmanship.


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