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Ezerovo village

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Ezerovo is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, part of Beloslav municipality, Varna region. It is located 12 km away from the city of Varna and 7 km away from the municipal center of Beloslav.

general information

The village lies on the northern bank of Varna Lake. The climate is temperate-continental, influenced by the proximity to the Black Sea. The summer is cool and the winter is mild. The relief is flat. The population numbers to approximately 1 900 people. Altitude - 1 m. The former name of the village used to be Malak Aladan. Its current name derives from Varna Lake on which bank the village is situated.


Archaeological excavation works /including underwater ones/ have proved that a settlement existed on the territory of the village since the Bronze Age. In these distant times, a vanished civilization used to flourish in the area. An evidence for its existence are the lake-dwellings scattered on both shores of the lake.


In the village there is a secondary school, a kindergarten, an Orthodox church, a community center with a library, a mayoralty, a post office, many shops and cafes, a doctor's and a dentist's offices. A modern mosque is in a process of construction, as well.
Electricity and water are being supplied in the village on a regular basis, central sewerage is available, as well. Convenient transportation links /bus and railway transportation/ connect the village to the city of Varna.
The number of the population of Ezerovo increases progressively due to the big industrial companies and the employment the provide.
The ship-building factory has sponsored the construction of a residential complex and a hostel for its workers in the northern part of the village.
The local people are proud with their football team, a participant of the regional championship.
Traditionally, the municipality is specialized into the production of grain and technical cultures and vine-growing. There are great areas planted with vineyards on the territory of the village. In the past, the main occupations of the people in the village were the farming and the fishing.


Ezerovo is the "most industrial" village in Bulgaria. it is famous for the thermo-electric power station and the two ship-building yards the one of MTG DOLPHIN PLC and the one of TEREM.
The village has become to flourish during the 60's of the past century, when the construction of the power station was initiated. Back then, it used to be the largest thermo-electric power-station in Bulgaria and on the Balkan peninsula. Currently, the power station is the power reserve of Bulgaria.
The headquarters of the companies ENERGOREMONT and TRANSSTROY  are located in the village. Some 20 years ago the company MTG DOLPHIN PLC has set the beginning of a modern ship-building and ship-repairing yards. Over 800 vessels of various kinds have been repaired in the shipyard so far. At present the shipyard is engaged into the construction of vessels, specialized into chemicals' transportation, for the EU.
This is the most successful enterprise of TEREM military-industrial complex with an annual profit amounting to millions. The specialists in the shipyard are not only engaged into the maintenance of the vessels of the Bulgarian Navy but would also undertake to carry out repairs of many foreign battle and merchant vessels. Wielingen class frigates are being repaired in the shipyard, as well.


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