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Kalimantzi is a village in north-eastern Bulgaria, part of Suvorovo municipality, Varna region. It is located 14 km away from the city of Varna, 8 km away from Varna International Airport, 4 km away from Varna-Sofia highway and Pobiti Kamani natural phenomenon and 20 km away from Golden Sands resort.

general information

The former name of the village used to be Gevrekler. The altitude is 360 m. The total number of the population is approximately 320 people of which only 80 are with permanent registration. The rest of the population are English, Irish, Welsh, Dutch, German, Indian, Spanish, Danish and Russian citizens who have purchased properties in the village.
The area offers wonderful opportunities for the development of hunting, fishing and rural tourism. Kalimantzi is known to be the Bulgarian village with most foreign inhabitants. The ecologically clean area, the cool summer and the mild winter provides excellent conditions for both holiday or tourism.



The village benefits from the intriguing relief of the countryside, the proximity to the regional city of Varna and the well-developed transportation system. The roads are in a good condition, a railway to the city of Varna and the town of Dobrich.


In the village there is a community center with a library and a pensioner's club, grocery shops, "Kalimanski han" ethnographic complex. The oldest church in the area consecrated in 1838 rises in Kalimantzi. Near the village there is a dam-lake where fishing lovers may  enjoy catching  crucian carp and carp. A small certified private airport is functioning 1 km away from the village where flying lessons may be taken and fun-flights are offered. Currently the owners of the airport have filed for a permission to organize charter flights, as well.
Regular electricity and water-supply, telephone-lines and the availability of mobile operators' coverage only add to the advantages of the village.


Few enterprises are functioning on the territory of the village where most of local people and the people from the nearby villages are occupied: a factory for limestone production for the needs of glass-making and chemical industry, a quarry where sand is extracted, an asphalt production base, a fish processing workshop.


  • "Kalimanski Han" ethnographic complex comprises a stable, a pigeon-breeding station, a hotel, a tavern, a BBQ, a winery, a summer garden, a parking lot. The complex has received many prestigious awards for best ethnographic and tourist complex. It offers a quality rest among an authentic Bulgarian atmosphere with many possibilities for entertainment - horse-back riding /with or without an instructor/, a carry-fall, sled or cart ride, off-road trips with a jeep or an ATV; a helicopter flight, picnics, a pigeon show, a pond with fish and crabs, a tavern for 120 people, a summer garden with 150 seats, a wine-house where one could taste home-made brandy and wines, home-made bread and stew, BBQ.
  • The largest and most modern pigeon-breeding station in the country is located in Kalimantzi. It houses the pigeons of over 200 Varna residents. Pigeons were sent from Prague, Wien, Buharest and other European cities when competitions are carried out.
  • Kalimantzi stable has been established in 2007 and is part of "Kalimanski Han" ethnographic complex. It spreads over an area of 10 decars and comprises 20 boxes with 24-hour video-surveillance, a 200 decars large summer paddock and  a 1 500 m long track. The area offers excellent conditions for horse-back riding. Horses are bred from the breeds Tinker, Belgium Heavy Horse, Scottish Pony and English Horse, all imported from certified stables in Holland, England and Ireland.

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