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Staro Oryahovo village

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Staro Oryahovo is a village in north-eastern Bulgaria, part of Dolni Chiflik municipality, Varna region. It is located on the main road Varna-Burgas, some 35 km to the south from the city of Varna, 7 km away from the village of Shkorpilovtzi and only 4 km away from Kamchiya natural reserve. The road to Varna is very well-maintained and allows a quick access to the city and its international airport. Its population numbers to 2806 people. The altitude is 46 m. The former name of the village used to be Eski Dervish Yuvan.



The village is fully electrified. Water-supply is carried out by a central pipe-line and about 500 wells and prospectings. In Staro Oryahovo there is a secondary school, a kindergarten, am Orthodox church, a doctor's and a dentist's offices, a community center with a rich library, over 20 shops of different kinds, a petrol-station and an LPG-station, a private bakery. Many foreign citizens have purchased properties in the village.

nature and tourism

During the summer the village is object of interest for both foreign and Bulgarian tourists due to its proximity  to the beautiful beach of Shkorpilovtzi. The climate in the are provides excellent conditions for vine-growing and fruit-growing. The deciduous forest surrounding the village provide wonderful hunting opportunities.
Located near Staro Oryahovo is LONGOZA natural reserve - a dense virgin forest formed in the valley of Kamchiya river where unique tree and vegetation species are to be found. Besides, 14 different kinds of amphibians and reptiles are to be seen there, rare bird species, breeding into the reserve most significant of which are the red stork, northern goshawk and a honey buzzard. The protected natural area "Byaloto Kokiche" (White Snowdrop) is located near the village, as well.
The proximity to the sea-coast, the natural beauty of the longoz valley of Kamchiya river and the picturesque mountain scenery provide good opportunities for the development of rural, hunting and eco-tourism.

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