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Zvezditza village

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Zvezditza is a village in north-east Bulgaria, part of Varna municipality, Varna region. It is located 15 km south-west to the city of Varna, 12 km north-west to Asparuhovo quarter of Varna and the sea-coast. The village is set in a quiet and peaceful area, some 2 km from a lake and a forest.

general information

The village lies over Momino Plateau above Varna Lake and the relief of the surrounding area is flat-hilly. An incredible panoramic view towards the city of Varna and Varna Lake is revealed from Zvezditza. The climate is influences by the proximity of the Black Sea and is characterized by a cool summer, a rainy yet warm autumn, a mild winter with scanty snowfalls and a sunny spring. The population numbers to approximately 1 100 people. Altitude - 150 m.


In mid 19th century several Circassian and Tatar families settled their bivouac in the area where nowadays village lies and later on started to build their homes. Dense deciduous forest surrounded the site - it used to provide plenty of building material, firewood and various kinds of game. The first settlers took full advantage on the riches the nature offered to them. Many others were attracted to the new settlement and it was named Kyokludja (which means "root" in Turkish) since it was a great place to strike roots at.



In Zvezditza there is a kindergarten, a community center with a library, an Orthodox church (consecrated in 1935), shops, cafes, a doctor's office, a post-office, a mayoralty, a guest house and a hostel.
The local people may take advantage on all kinds of modern communications - digital telephone exchange, coverage of all mobile operators, cable TV, internet. the roads are in an excellent condition. Regular bus transportation (bus-line No. 36) connects the village to the city of Varna as buses are passing by the hour.
The beautiful nature, the proximity to the sea, the clear air and the beautiful nature are the just part of the advantages of Zvezditza. It is interesting to know that all the streets in the village are named after cosmic bodies such as "Cassiopeia", "Sirius", "Venus" and many others which people visiting the village find most entertaining.
A great number of the Zvezditza's inhabitants are people from Varna who have chosen to settle down in this quiet and beautiful village and to commute to their jobs on a daily basis.


development prospects

Zvezditza is a preferred destination for people fond on hunting since the forests in the area are rich in game. During the past few years the village attracts even more tourists, especially in the summer. Due to the village's proximity to the sea-coast and the city part of the tourists decide to settle permanently or to purchase a summer house in the village.
A project has been developed for the construction of a marina on Varna Lake which will additionally attract people to the village and will help its development as a tourist destination.


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