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Grozdyovo village

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Grozdyovo is a village in north-eastern Bulgaria, part of Dolni Chiflik municipality, Varna region. It is located 55 km away from the city of Varna, 16 km away from the municipal center of Dolni Chiflik, 34 km away from the village of Shkorpilovtzi and 37 km away from Kamchiya resort and the sea-coast.

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The village is located in the beautiful Kamchiya river valley, tucked away between the northern slopes of eastern Stara Planina mountain. The relief is flat-hilly with many areas covered with forests. The climate is temperate-continental, influenced by the proximity to the Black Sea - cool summer, warm autumn, mild winter and green spring. The combination of sea, river and mountain among ecologically clean nature, peacefulness and tranquillity is unique. Located near the village is Sherba reserve which offers excellent conditions for the development of hunting tourism.


In Grozdyovo there is a secondary school, a kindergarten, a community center, a mayor's office, a medical center, a dentist's office, a post-office, various kinds of stores, cafes, restaurants, an Orthodox chapel, a botanical garden, a tourist hut, an Orthodox church built in 1873, a pharmacy, a petrol station.
Dolni Chiflik municipality, part of which is Grozdyovo village, is one of the municipalities in Varna region with the highest number of young people and children. Therefore, a project for the construction of a sports center and a playground in the village has been approved. The football team of the village participates in the local championship which is very popular among the locals.
All modern communications are available in the village: internet, cable TV, a telephone exchange, coverage of all mobile operators. The roads are in a good condition, regular supply of electricity and water is provided. Public transportation to the city of Varna and the nearby villages is available on a regular basis. A rail-road is passing some 2 km away from Grozdyovo. The village and the area provide excellent conditions for the development of rural and eco-tourism.


Near the village there is a dam-lake, and Tzonevo dam-lake (one of the largest in Bulgaria), where the fishing lovers may enjoy fishing various kinds of fish: Zander, Carassius, European Perch, Carp Bream, Goby, Wels Catfish, common bleak, common rudd etc., is only 10 km away. Kamchiya river is flowing through the village.


On the territory of the village there is a private fish processing departament, a confectionery department and a bakery. The locals are engaged predominantly into agriculture. Many of them are commuting to their work in Varna on a daily basis.


  • The botanical garden of the village of Grozdyovo has a rich collection of plants of transitional - mediterranean and subtropical origin. In spite of its small dimensions it is located on a south-western terraced hill and is divided into sectors which form groups of plants. The names of all plants are written in Latin, in Bulgarian, marked is the country of origin and the absolute minimal freezing temperatures during the winter. The plants from the collection are partially accustomed to the conditions of a climate slightly colder than their natural habitat. All plants are grown directly in the soil, in the open.Only some tropical species are being kept in special indoor gardens during the winter. In the garden there are places to relax at surrounded by exotic foliage and tranquillity. The following plant species are represented: palms, cacti, citrus, fruit trees, evergreen bushes, lianas, water and torfaceous plants.
  • Sherba hunting reserve is the first hunting farm in Bulgaria, established in 1932 by Tzar Boris II. In French the name "sherba" means "a beautiful forest". The area has been chosen for a reason. The natural environment and the climate provide favourable conditions for game breeding in the area and are a prerequisite for achieving trophies of highest quality. Sherba is situated on the northern slopes of Stara Planina mountain and is only 40 minute drive away from the city of Varna. It occupies a territory of 13 500 hectars. The terrain is low-mountain covered with deciduous forests. Various game is available in Sherba: red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, mouflon, predators (wild cat, jackal, fox) and small game (woodcock and pheasant).

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