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Goritza village

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Goritza is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, part of  Byala municipality, Varna region. It is located 6 km away from the municipal center of Byala, 47 km away from the city of Varna and 4 km away from the sea-coast.

general information

The climate is temperate-continental, influenced by the proximity of the Black Sea - the summer is cool, the autumn is warm, the winter is mild, yet windy, and the spring is sunny. The relief is flat-hilly. The population numbers to approximately 120 people. Altitude - 100 m. The former name of the village used to be Kuru Kyoy.


In the village there is a community center with a library, a mayoralty, an Orthodox church, grocery stores, a tavern, a cafe.
The village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis. There are over 70 wells and two beautiful water-fountains. Modern communications: coverage of all mobile operators, internet, satellite TV. The roads are in a relatively good condition. Regular bus transportation connects the village to the city of Varna, the town of Byala and the nearby villages.
Regular bus transportation is available for the pupils of the village to the school in Byala. Qualified medical services are provided for the local people in the medical centers of Byala /6 km away from the village/.

development prospects

Over two decades ago one of the largest mouflon breeding stations used to function in the village, but it is currently closed. Back then the direct road to Kara Dere virgin beach was opened. Currently it is a dirt road and the locals are looking forward to the time the road will be asphalted which will make the beach easily accessible which will make the village a desirable tourist destination. The greatest advantages of Goritza are the ecologically clean environment, the healthy climate and the beautiful nature.
Excellent conditions are available in the area for the development of viticulture - a mild climate, constant air flows and an abundance of sunny days. The locals are famous for the wonderful red wines they produce. During the summer the population of the village doubles - many tourists and people from Varna who have properties in the village come to spend their vacation in Goritza.
A modern holiday settlement is built in the village over an area of 55 000 sq. m. Approximately 30% of the plot are occupied by buildings. In the settlement there are also a children's playground, a swimming pool and many beautiful flower gardens. As planned the direct road to the gorgeous Kara Dere beach shall be asphalted.
The prices of the empty plot in the village remain unchanged inspite the economic factors. Many brand new modern houses were built in the village during the past decade. Many Varna residents, as well as foreigners from England, Russia, France and Holland have purchased properties in the village. During the summer Goritza turns into a genuine holiday settlement.

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