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Yagnilo village

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Yagnilo is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, part of Vetrino municipality, Varna region. It is located 60 km to the west from the city of Varna, 40 km to the east from the town of Shumen and 15 km to the north-east from the municipal center of Vetrino. The access to the village is excellent - via Varna-Sofia highway and the exit to the village of Belogradetz.

general information

The village is very picturesque and cosy as it lies in a small valley, surrounded by hills from all sides. The climate is favourable - the summer is warm and sunny and the winter is relatively mild with plenty of snowfalls, yet without turbulent winds. The population is over 300 people. The average altitude is 250 m. The former names of the village used to be Yaylyakyoy and Yayla.
No polluting industrial productions are present within a 30 km range and therefore the air in the village is crystal clear and favourable for the treatment of respiratory diseases.


Sounding excavations in the area have proved that the territory of the village has been inhabited since ancient times. Clay jars have been revealed in which grain, tools and coins used to be preserved. Back in 1895 a local man have found a treasure of silver coins in his yard. Subsequently the treasure was turned over to the National Historical Museum in Sofia.


In Yagnilo there is an Orthodox church built in the past century with donations from the local people. In the village there are also two grocery shops, a cafe, a community center with a library, a mayoralty.
The village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis. There are also over 50 wells and two water fountains from which flows natural spring water. The roads are in a good condition. Full coverage of all mobile operators and a telephone exchange are available.
The children of the village attend the school and the kindergarten in Vetrino, as the transport to the municipal center is free of charge. The nearest doctor's office is the one in Belogradetz village (some 3 km away from Yagnilo).
A small river is passing through the village and nearby there are two big dam-lakes, excellent for fishing.
The settlement becomes very lively on the weekends when local people who moved to live permanently in Varna come back to their homeland.

development prospectives

Plans are being submitted for the construction of a small tourist complex by the village hut in Stanata area. A municipal project is being developed for the construction of an eco-trail in the surroundings of the village.
The main occupation of the local people is the farming and the stock-breeding.
The excellent access, the beautiful nature, the ecologically clean environment and the favourable climate are good predispositions for the development of eco, rural, fishing, hunting and cultural tourism.

landmarks and events

  • Each year on Pentecost (a worshipped Christian holiday) a votive offering is being held in which participates the entire village. It is held in an area near Yagnilo where a small chapel is built. The legend has it that a local man went to the forest to gather some wood and after he chopped off a tree he saw in its trunk signs that resembled crosses. After he decided that God has given him a sign he spread the word and advised the people from the village to give a votive offering on that very same spot in the woods hoping to achieve protection against evil forces and natural disasters.
  • An ethnographic museum has been established in Yagnilo with a rich collection of everyday life objects, authentic clothing, personal belongings and photographs, donated to the museum by the residents of the village. Yaylata folklore ensemble is very attractive and enchants with the authentic songs, dances and customs typical for the Bulgarians of Asia Minor, it represents.

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