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village of Dobroplodno

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Dobroplodno is a village in North-east Bulgaria. It is located in municipality Vetrino, Varna district. It is situated 49 km south-west of the regional centre Varna, 37 km south-east of Vetrino, 23 km south-east of the city of Provadia and 36 km south-west of the city of Beloslav.


general information

The terrain is hilly plain. The average altitude varies between 200 and 299 meters. The climate in the region is temperate, strongly influenced by the impact of the Black Sea. Springs come 10-13 days later and is comparatively longer and cooler. Summers are pleasantly warm with average temperatures about 25°C. The fall is long and warm. In the spring and fall the air temperature rarely falls under 5°C. The winter is mild with very little snow and average temperature of 2°C.
The population is about 1000 inhabitants.


The village has an excellent infrastructure: completely electrified, water supplied – there is a central plumbing and 8 municipal wells. In Dobroplodno there is a church, community centre, kindergarten, general practitioner and dentist, 7 shops, safe and a tavern. The nearest school is 11 km away – in the village of Vetrino. Convenience of the inhabitants is the provided free local transportation. A lot English families have bought properties in the village. The local football team is called “Ludogorets – Dobroplodno”.

Tourism and development prospectives

In the region are developed the rural and the eco tourism. The nature is untouched, the air is fresh. Very near to the village is situated the biggest dam lake in the municipality – “Dobroplodno”. The dam lake is stocked with fish and offers wonderful conditions for fishing and sunbathing in the summer. Several times a year here get together the fishing enthusiasts and are organized annual sport fishing contests.
A few kilometers east from the city of Provadia is situated the area “Golyama kanara”, declared for protected for its characteristic landscape.
The region is developed wine region, famous with the grown dessert and wine sorts.

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