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Momchilovo village

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Momchilovo is a village in North-East Bulgaria, part of Vetrino municipality, Varna region. It is located 50 km to the city of Varna, 5 km to the municipal center of Vetrino and 15 km to the town of Suvorovo. The access to the village is very quick and pleasant via Varna-Sofia highway.

general information

The relief is flat-hilly, wooded hills alternate with vast, fertile fields. The climate is temperate-continental and is characterised by a hot summer, a colourful sunny autumn, a cold winter with plenty of snowfalls and a rainy spring. The population numbers to approximately 200 people. Altitude - 266 m. The former name of the village used to be Esetlii.


In the village there is an Orthodox church, two grocery shops, a community center with a library. The school was built back in 1873 but it does not function at the moment.
The village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis. The roads are in a very good condition. Regular bus transportation connects the village to the city of Varna, the town of Provadiya and the nearby villages. Coverage of all mobile operators is available.
Three English families have purchased properties in the village.
The local people are very proud of their football team - the best team in the municipality and winner of many regional tournaments.

development prospects

Momchilovo is a beautiful village, located in an ecologically clean area, away from industrial productions. Near the village there are two small dam-lakes which are great spots for fishing or picnic.
The climate and the beautiful nature provide excellent conditions for the development of eco and rural tourism.
Traditionally, the local people are occupied in farming and stock-breeding. Many of the people in the village keep livestock for their own needs and there are two farmers who cultivate the fertile lands on the territory of the village.
During the summer the village becomes more lively, this is the time of the year when grandchildren come to visit their grandparents and when permanent residents of Varna city come over to enjoy the tranquillity and the peacefulness in the village and to relax among its beautiful nature.


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