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village of Bozveliysko

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Bozveliysko is a village in North-East Bulgaria, part of Provadiya municipality, Varna Region. There are several roads leading from the village to the city of Varna as the nearest is via the town of Provadiya. The distance to Varna is 57 km, to the sea-coast - 42 km. The town of Provadia lies 10 km to the north-west.

general information

The relief is predominantly flat. The climate is temperate-continental with a hot summer, sunny autumn, mild winter with plenty of snowfalls and a cool spring. The population numbers to approximately 1 500 people and the number of the houses is 460. Altitude - 111 m. The former name of the village used to be Kada Kyoy.


Archaeological excavations carried out in different periods have proven that the territory of the village has been inhabited by Thracians, Romans, Byzantines and Turks.
South-east to the village was revealed an ancient settlement in which an artefact - stone axe - was found. The archaeologists are certain that it has been made 2000 years BC. Other artefacts were found, as well - various coins, a small lamp made of bronze, ceramics. The settlement has most probably been demolished and burnt out in the 4th century by the Goths.
South to Bozveliysko there is another settlement. Interesting findings were revealed there: the foundations of a church, Byzantine coins and a glazed icon made of bronze.  The first time the village was mentioned in written sources was in a Turkish register, back in 1573.
In 1934 the village was named Bozveliysko after one of the most prominent Bulgarian "enlighteners" -  Neofit Bozveli.


The village offers all modern conveniences to its inhabitants in combination of beautiful nature, peacefulness and clear air.
There are several food shops, a cosy cafe, a secondary school (attended by over 200 pupils) from the nearby villages, a kindergarten, a park, children's playgrounds, a post-office, a doctor's office. The local church was constructed back in 1938 with donations from the locals. It has been repaired and renovated several times. The community center has long-term traditions and the groups of folklore singing and dancing participate in regional and national festivals on a regular basis.
The village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis, and there are approx 60 wells. The roads are in a very good condition. regular bus transportation connects the village to the city of Varna, the town of Provadiya and the nearby villages.
The dam near the village is a favourite spot for picnics, relaxation and good catch (Carrassius, Carp, Grass Carp).

development prospects

Agriculture is the main occupation of the locals. There is a farm for especially bread cattle, in which local people are engaged. The fertile land surrounding the village is cultivated by private agricultural co-operations and leaseholders. Part of the young people in Bozveliysko are commuting to their jobs in Varna and Provadiya on a regular basis. The population growth in the village has increased during the past few years. many brand new houses have been built too.
There are excellent conditions for the development of rural, cognitive and eco-tourism - the area is rich in natural and historical landmarks, the air is clear, and the climate - healthy.


  • Each Christmas groups of young men are visiting all houses in the village singing traditional Bulgarian songs (Christmas carols) and giving blessings to the families;
  • The village's annual fair is held on May 24th;


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