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Yunak village

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Yunak is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, part of Avren municipality, Varna region. It is located 41 km south-west to the city of Varna and 12 km south-west to the municipal center of Avren.

general information

The relief is flat, as in the distance there are low hills which protect the village from turbulent winds. The climate is temperate-continental and is characterized by a hot summer, rainy autumn, mild winter with plenty of snowfalls and a sunny, yet cool spring. Provadiyska River is passing by the village, which, in combination with the preserved nature, gives the area a unique charm. The population numbers to approximately 125 people. Altitude - 44 m.


The inhabitants of the village may take advantage on many amenities. In the village there is a post-office, a doctor's office, food shops, a brand new Orthodox church, consecrated in 2009 (many of the locals have taken part in its construction), a community center with a library, a park.
The village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis. One of the landmarks of the village is its water-fountain with its clear and cold spring water.
The roads are in a very good condition. Regular bus and railway transportation is available to the village of Avren and the city of Varna.
The local people are very proud of their football team, which has successfully participated the municipal and the regional championships.

development prospects

Approximately one third of the population in Yunak are people at an age less than 40 years. The children from the village are visiting the school in Dabravino and the kindergarten in the village in Kazashka Reka.
The main occupation of the local is the agriculture. An agricultural co-operation cultivates the fertile land on the territory of the village. The following crops are traditionally being cultivated in the area: sunflower, rape-seed, maize, barley. Vegetable-growing is well developed, as well.
The village and the area offer great opportunities for the development of rural, hunting, fishing and cognitive tourism, as well as hiking, due to the proximity to Provadiyska River, the great number of remains of fortresses and antique settlements and, of course, because of its beautiful and non-polluted nature.


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