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Gabarnitza village

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Gabarnitza is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, part of Vetrino municipality, Varna region. It is located 35 km away to the west from the regional city of Varna, 15 km to the south-east from the municipal center of Vetrino and 15 km away to the north from the town of Provadiya.

general information

The climate in the area is temperate-continental, influenced by the proximity of the eastern slopes of Stara Planina mountain - the summer is cool, the autumn is warm, the winter is cold with plenty of snowfalls and the spring is sunny. The relief is flat-hilly and the village is surrounded by forests, which gave the name of the village ("gabar" in Bulgarian means hornbeam). The population numbers to approximately 80 people. Altitude - 184 m.


The former name of the village used to be Ahar Kyoy (meaning "the village with the stables"). The legend has it that during the times the Bulgaria was under Ottoman domination near the village there were stables where the horses of people travelling from Ruse, Dobrich and Silistra to Istanbul used to rest.
Excavation works near the village have revealed an antique settlement dated back to the I-IV century. Some historians state that over a century during the period of the Ottoman domination the village used to be military settlement and had a special statute.


In the village there is a food shop, a cafe, a car-station. Gabarnitza is famous for its ethnographic complex which attracts many tourists during the summer season. The infrastructure is excellent - the village is supplied with electricity on a regular basis. Water-supply is provided by central piping, 2 water fountains and over 20 wells. Transportation to the school in the town of Vetrino is provided for all the pupils from the village. The village lies 500 m away from Varna-Sofia highway. The road to the village and inside the village are in a very good condition. Regular bus transportation is available to the city of Varna and the nearby villages.

nature and tourism

In Vetrino municipality there are four dam-lakes stocked with fish. They are all located in areas with picturesque nature and attract fishing and water sports fans. There are good opportunities for hunting, as well: wild boars, deer, does, foxes etc.
The village provides great options for development of rural tourism. Local bee-keepers make presentations to the guest of the village showing the way ecologically clean honey is collected. The beautiful nature, the serenity and the peacefulness in combination with the neat houses in the village may well make Gabarnitza an ethnographic settlement.


  • Rodna Stryaha (meaning "home") ethnographic complex in Gabarnitza was established several years ago. A renovated old house represents the lifestyle of a middle class family from the end of 19th century. Next to the ethnographic museum there is a tavern with 120 indoor seats and 60 outdoor seats. The visitors may observe a demonstration of traditional crafts such as knitting and weaving. A local folklore ensemble and orchestra present traditional customs, songs and dances. Various types of attractions are offered to the tourists: horseback riding, cab and cart driving, they could even take part in everyday work around the farm.

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