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The village of Barzitsa

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Barzitza is a village in Northeastern Bulgaria. It is part of Provadiya municipality, Varna region.

It is located 16 km south-east of Provadiya, 68 km south-west of Varna, 30 km south of Devnya and approximately 444 km east of the capital Sofia city.

The village is situated on the eastern slopes of Stara planina mountain at an altitude of about 100 m. The River Kamchiya passes nearby. The climate is moderate-continental influenced by the proximity of Stara Planina's eastern slopes. Summers here are hot and winters - cold with heavy snowing.

The population is about 300 people. Several English families live here all-year-round.

There are a grocery store, a church built in 1937, a camp open all-year-round for visitors, as well as a home for children deprived of parental care. Kindergarten and community center you will find only 3 km in the south, in the village of Nova shipka. The nearest primary school and GP are in the village of Bozveliysko /6 km in the north-west/. Hospitals you can find in Provadiya.

Landmarks and tourism

In 1922, near the village of Barzitsa, a Thracian treasure comprising golden and silver artifacts was discovered. The treasure was dated back to the period of XII-VIII century BC.

The Sherba reserve, famous for its unique flora and fauna richness, is situated near the village. This is one of the places in Bulgaria with rich populations of red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar and mouflon. This is also the realm of deciduous trees.

In Provadiya you can visit:

  • Rock monastery in the Shashkanite area, located above Sever quarter in Provadiya. The monastery was inhabited during the XII-XIII century and was difficult to access then. Nowadays a bridge leading to the cells was built. It has been declared a monument of culture.
  • Provadiya Museum of History with more than 15 000 objects of Provadiya's cultural heritage.

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