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Kumanovo is a village in North-East Bulgaria, part of Aksakovo municipality, Varna region. It is located 11 km to the city of Varna, 17 km to the town of Aksakovo, 8 km  to the sea coast and 22 km to Golden Sands resort.

general information

In spite of the fact that the village is located only a dozen km to the city of Varna the average altitude of the village is 309 m. Kumanovo is known for its clear air and healthy climate, favourable for treatment of respiratory and heart diseases.
The relief is flat-hilly. The climate is temperate-continental influenced by the proximity to the Black Sea - the summer is cool, the autumn - rainy, the winter - mild, yet windy and the spring is sunny and cool.
The population numbers to approximately 400 people as during the summer its number increases to 800.
The former name of the village used to be Eni Kyoy which means "new village" in Turkish.


In the village there are two grocery shops, a pub, an Orthodox church, a mayoralty, a post-office, a community center, a small park.
Kumanovo is being supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis, there are also about 80 wells. A plan has been prepared for the construction of a sewerage as many of the locals have expressed their willingness to support the project and to take part in the construction. The roads are in a very good condition. Regular public transportation (bus-line 24) connects the village to the city of Varna. Several British and German families have purchased houses in Kumanovo which they inhabit year-round.
A plan has been developed for the opening of a local police station in the village.

development prospects

The inhabitants of Kumanovo are commuting to their jobs in Varna. One of the largest private dairy farms in the region is located near the village.
In spite of the economic situation during the past few years the prices of the properties in Kumanovo havent dropped and the foreigners who have purchased properties there are not willing to sell. The number of young families who have decided to settle in the village permanently increases each year. They are attracted by the convenient access to Varna and the healthy climate.
Most of the agricultural land near the village have undergone a procedure for change of the statute and are suitable for industrial and holiday construction. A foreign company has purchased 5 000 sq. m of land on the territory of Kumanovo to build a holiday settlement. A project was approved for the construction of a small sunflower oil production and packaging factory. Local businessmen are planning the construction of several modern industrial production workshops in the outskirts of the village.


  • Sveta Troitza church was consecrated in 1832 during the Turkish yoke. Back then the Turkish officials have ordered all Christian churches to be dug into the ground. The church is operating even today and is a monument of architecture and culture. It was repaired and renovated several years ago. A second, smaller bell was installed for its 130-th anniversary.
  • A natural spring which, as the legend has it is magical and may cure diseases is to be found in the lower part of the village.

Source: Mirela, internet

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