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Arkovna village

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Arkovna is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, part of Dalgopol municipality, Varna Region. It is located 90 km south-west to the city of Varna, 17 km west to the municipal center of Dalgopol and 40 km south-east to the town of Shumen.


general information

The relief is stunning - green, lush fields are alternating with rocky hills. The village is situated between two rocky crests, near the ancient fortress of Arkovna. Golyama Kamchiya River flows by the village as a small feeder runs through the settlement. The climate is temperate-continental, influenced by the proximity of the eastern parts of Stara Planina Mountain - the summer is warm, but not hot, the autumn - sunny, the winter - cold, with plenty of snowfalls, and the spring is cool. The population numbers to approximately 80 people and the number of house and villas in Arkovna is about 140. Altitude - 86 m. The former name of the village is Redjep Mahale.


On the ridge of Arcovna crest were revealed remains of a settlement dated back to the period between the Pre-history and the Antiquity. Many coins hewn by the Celtic  ruler Kavar and dated to the 3rd century BC have been found in the area. It is known that Kavar founded a state in the South-Eastern Thracia with a capital named Tile. He might have been the ruler of the fortress revealed on Arkovna Crest, which was probably built to protect the borders of his state against the attacks of the Getae. A great number of Thracian Necropolises were revealed from the period of the Antiquity. A Thracian sanctuary of the 3rd-4th century has been examined and marble reliefs of the Thracian Horseman were revealed. The remains of 15 Slav dug-outs completes the rich list of archaeological findings.


In the village there is a food shop, a community center, an inn, a pub, a tourist complex with a small private zoo. The church in the village was built with donations from rich local people back in 1896 and ever since is been taken care of by the people in the village.
The settlement is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis and there are 12 wells. The roads are in a very good condition. Regular transportation is available to the town of Dalgopol and a railway station on Komunari-Shoumen line which facilitates the access for the most keen tourists from Varna and Burgas. The pupils from the village are attending the school in Partizani village. Several foreign families have purchased properties in Arkovna.
It is one of the tidiest villages in the area. traditionally, each summer and autumn the people from Arkovna are cleaning the small river which passes through the village and flows in Golyama Kamchiya River.

development prospects

 Arkovna is a village with rich and turbulent past and a great future as a tourist destination. Many of the tour operator companies in Varna and Burgas have shown interest in the incredibly beautiful nature, the landmarks and the historical heritage in the area. Even though the village is small it is a preferred tourist destination.
The inn situated in the center of the village is very popular and is one of the attractions in the settlement. It provides year-round occupation for about 20 local people. The hospitable hosts offer to their guest ecologically clean, home-made food, prepared of products produced in the farm of the inn. For the needs of the inn the farm breeds oxes, cows and goats. One of the local people has purchased the building of the former school and has developed a project for it transformation into a tourist center.
In fact, there are no unemployed people in Arkovna, since the younger ones are engaged in to tourism and the rest are pensioneers.


  • In the area near the village there are to be found over 15 caves, half of which with a depth over 20 m. The Tulumova Cave on Arkovna Crest is declared a protected area and is inhabited by bats.


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