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Chernevo village

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Chernevo is a village in North-East Bulgaria, part of Suvorovo municipality, Varna region. It is located 35 km to the city of Varna, 13 km to the town of Devnya and 5 km to the municipal center of Suvorovo, near Varna Lake.

general information

The village is situated between two hills, which are one of Chernevo's landmarks. Nearby spreads a beautiful, dense forest, both coniferous and deciduous. The climate is temperate-continental and is characterised by a cool summer, a warm autumn, a mild winter with scanty snowfalls, a sunny spring. Officially the number of population is approximately 1 300 people, but the real number is over 1 400 people. Altitude - 160 sq. m. The former name of Chernevo used to be Kara Hyusein.


In the village there are several grocery shops, a pensioner's club, an Orthodox church, a secondary school, a kindergarten, a post-office, a community center with a library, a mayoralty, a railway station.
The village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis. Regular railway /Varna-Kardam line/ and bus transportation to the town of Devnya, the city of Varna and the town of Suvorovo is available.
More than a dozen properties is the village are purchased by foreigners (English, Scandinavian and Irish).
The village is famous for its football team which has many fans in the area.

development prospects

The village is located near the industrial town of Devnya which provides occupation for the locals. Many of them travel to Varna, as well.
As it was in the past farming is nowadays main occupation for the local people. Two agricultural co-operations are cultivating the fertile land on the territory of the village. Many of the villagers are growing their own livestock . in Chernevo there is a carpenter's workshop.
The village is famous for its clean and beautifully arranged streets. It is nowadays one of the few villages in the region inhabited predominantly by young people. During the past few years the birth-rate in the village has increased significantly.
The beautiful nature of Chernevo and its proximity to Pobiti kamani phenomenon provide excellent opportunities for the development of cultural, rural and eco-tourism.


cultural and natural landmarks

  • A trail leading to Pobiti Kamani phenomenon is passing by the village. It passes through an easily passable forest, where the tourists may enjoy the magnificence of the Bulgarian nature and the beautiful relaxing spots. The trail is not difficult and is suitable for both tourists of all ages or for disabled people. It is a wonderful opportunity to relaxр enjoy the beauty of nature, gather herbs or forest fruits. In May the hills of Chernevo are sunk in greenery and the forest meadows are covered with wild flowers.
  • The church in Chernevo was built in 1836 as the land it was built on was donated by a local man. A monastery school was opened next to the church where the priest used to teach in Greek. In 1986 was celebrated the 150th anniversary of the school and in 2006 - the 170th anniversary of the church. Both the school and the church in Chernevo are the oldest in the region of Varna.
  • BARITE ethnographic complex spreads over a territory of 18 000 sq. m at an altitude of 160 m. The complex includes a traditional style restaurant made of wood and stone, an open-air crafts museum, an ethnographic collection, a game hall, a children's playground, three lakes stocked with carp and a hunting cabin. The hotel part includes 5 houses each fro six people. The following services are offered in the complex: children's animation, mini-golf, paint-ball, a swimming pool, a conference hall, a sauna, a solarium, billiards. BARITE is a great place to spend a week-end with the family or to organize team-building events and seminars.

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