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General Kiselovo village

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General Kiselovo is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, part of Valchi Dol municipality, Varna region. It is located 50 km to the north-west from the city of Varna and 9 km to the north from the municipal center of Valchi Dol.

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The village is sheltered between green hills and a river is murmuring through it. The climate is temperate-continental with distinct four seasons - a hot summer, a sunny autumn, a cold and snowy winter and a colourful spring. The population numbers to approximately 500 people. Altitude - 250 m.


Many tumuli and numerous findings of amphoras, clay utensils and Roman coins have been revealed near the village. It is considered that the territory of the village and its surroundings has been inhabited since the period of the Antiquity. The village is named after General Panteley Kiselov, a WWI hero. The former names of the village used to be Emirovo and Emir Kyoy.


In General Kiselvov there are food shops, a community center, a mayoralty, a children's playground, a kindergarten, a guest houses, a football play-field, a beautiful park, a railway station. The nearest school is in the town of Valchi Dol. The village is supplied with electricity and water  on a regular basis. Its inhabitants may take advantage on all modern communications - internet, cable TV, telephone, coverage of all mobile operators. Regular railway transportation connects the village to the city of Varna. The roads are in a very good condition.
General Kiselovo is famous for its licensed dairy farm where high-quality dairy products are being produced. In the villages surroundings there are many small private greenhouses where flowers and vegetables are being grown.
The locals are generally engaged into agriculture - vegetable making, vine-growing and fruit-making, as well as stock-breeding.


The beautiful surroundings of the village are great for hiking and picnics. The dense deciduous forests provide an excellent opportunity for hunting of foxes, wild boars, does etc. Near General Kiselovo there is a monastery. Within a range of 5-10 km there are several dam lakes stocked with fish.


  • General Kiselovo dam-lake has a total area of 985 000 sq.m  and is an attractive destination for those longing for peacefulness, serenity and beautiful nature. The lake is stocked with various kinds of fish: silver carp, carp, grass carp and craw-fish. The hut built on the bank of the lake offers repose and good food at reasonable prices and its tavern is a great venue for all kinds of private parties and celebrations. General Kiselovo dam-lake is popular with the fishing contest  held there annually.
  • The lake is also the venue where demonstration contests for radio-controlled models of boats, helicopters and hydro-plans are being held. The contest takes part during the weekend as winners are being announced and awarded for the different categories.


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