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village of Topoli

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Topoli  is a village in north-eastern Bulgariaр part of Varna municipality, Varna region. It is located in the municipality of Varna, Varna. It is located 36 km to the city of Varna and some 10 km away from the sea-coast.


general information

The village is divided into two parts - the "old part" and the "new part". The "new part" is inhabited by settlers from the village of Asparuhovo who had to leave their home village when the construction of Tzonevo dam-lake has been initiated. The  original Topoli inhabitants are occupying the "old part" of the village.
Both parts of the village are separated by a gully, overgrown with huge poplar-trees, which gave the name of the settlement. In the gully there are two fountains with drinkable water. The climate is temperate-continental, influenced by the proximity of the Black Sea. The precipitation is relatively low, the snowfalls are scanty. The population of the village numbers to approximately 3 000 people.


The former name of the village used to be Indzhe-kyoy. The village was founded in the XIX century from  both Aegean and Odrin Thracia settlers chased away from their home areas by the Turkish authorities. Still, evidence have been revealed that these lands have been inhabited since the time of the Thracians. A great number of ceramic utensils and household articles were revealed during excavation works on the nearby Klise Bair hill. Yet, objects of Greek origin have been revealed, as well, which proves the presence of both economic and social contacts with the Greek colonizers. A Thracian tumulus has been revealed on the territory of the village, too. Another rare finding is the ceramic dated back to the period of the First Bulgarian State. It is very rare and is of great interest for both historians ad archaeologists.

infrastructure and transportation

In Topoli there are many shops, a community center with a library, a secondary school, a kindergarten, an old church, a park in which a chapel is built. The chapel is constructed over a natural mineral spring which is known to be curative. The locals are proud with their football team which participates the regional football championship.
The infrastructure in the village is very good - electricity and water-supply are available on a regular basis. The roads are in a very good condition. Regular public transportation connects the village to the city of Varna lines numbers 18, 18А, 118, 118А, 18/40, 18А/40.



The first thing to notice when entering the village are the tall, century old poplar-trees rising along the banks of the small river flowing through the village. The nature is very beautiful and ecologically clean. The areas surrounding  Topoli are overgrown with acacia trees. Near the village there is a swamp, which is a natural habitat for many specific animal and plant species.


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