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Kiten village

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Kiten is a village in North Eastern Bulgaria, part of Provadiya Municipality, Varna region. It is located 70 km to the west from the city of Varna, 16 km to the south-west from the municipal center of Provadiya and 10 km to the south from the town of Dalgopol.


general information

The climate is temperate-continental and is characterized by a cold winter with plenty of snowfalls, a cool spring, a sunny summer and a colourful autumn. The relief is various - vast fields, green hills and rocky uplands are alternating. The population numbers to 65 people. The former name of the village used to be Muhalni. Altitude - 250 m.


In the village there is a community center, a food shop, a cafe, a monument dedicated to all soldiers perished in wars. Kiten is a quiet and peaceful village, set among an intriguing scenery, in an ecologically clean area. Electricity and water-supply are available on a regular basis and the roads are in a good condition. In a range of about 10 km around the village there are 4 dam lakes and 15 km away from Kiten lies the third  largest dam-lake in Bulgaria - Tzonevo, 28 km long. All dam-lakes are stocked with fish and offer excellent opportunities for fishing and relaxation among tranquillity and peacefulness.


background and prospectives

The proximity of the village to the municipal center of Provadiya along with the remarkable scenery which surrounds it provide excellent conditions for the development of both eco and rural tourism. The local people are predominantly occupied into stock-breeding, farming and bee-keeping. Traditionally the area is famous for the high quality fruits and vegetables produced there.


  • The village is famous for the medieval fortress and the rock monastery located near it in Tapanite area. Four cells have been preserved in the monastery. One of them differs the others  - it is much larger and  higher. Only in the most northern premise there are stone benches carved in the rock and on the floor there are many scratches, cuts and dots. Along with them there are many drawings of animals - horses, cows, goats, as well as an interesting mask which is also to be seen in other rock monasteries in the area.


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