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Shkorpilovtzi village

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Shkorpilovtzi is a village in North-eastern Bulgaria, part of Dolni Chiflik municipality, Varna region. The village is located 35 km to tye south from the city of Varna and 1 km away from the sea-coast.

general information

The relief is flat - woodlands and fields are alternating. The climate is maritime - the sea breeze makes the summer cool, the autumn - warm and sunny, the winter - mild and the sprig - windy and crisp. The population numbers to 765 people. The altitude is 1 m.


The former name of the village used to be Findiklii, it derives from Turkish and means a "hazelnut garden". Later on it received its present name after the brothers Herman and Karel Skorpil who contributed to the development of the archaeology in the area at the beginning of the 20th century.
The remains of four antique settlements and an antique fortress have been revealed near the village.



Shkorpilovtzi lies one kilometer away from the beach and the villa zone and the beach. In the village there are a primary school, a community center with a library, a mayoralty, food shops, a cafes and a bakery.  No big hotels and crowds of tourists are to be found in the village. If you love the nature, the sense of freedom and open spaces, you will sure feel comfortable in Shkorpilovtzi.
Near the beach there are many cafes and restaurants, hotels, tourist complexes and camping sites. The beach is well-maintained, the sea-water is clear.


nature and tourism

Being 13 km long and up to 100 m wide the beach is the longest one on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It connects the mouth of Kamchiya River to the north and the resort towns Byala and Obzor to the south. The tourists may choose among bungalows, villas and small family hotels. The cafes and restaurants near the beach are open  throughout the summer season. The charming combination of woodlands and sea offers excellent opportunities for a complete and intriguing vacation.
The area is famous for its thermal springs from which mineral water with valuable characteristics is derived: iodine-bromic, with average mineralization, chloride-sodium, with a slightly alkaline reaction. Mineral waters of this type are effective for the treatment of joint diseases, neurological, gynaecological and respiratory conditions.


  • Behind the northern part of the beach at Shkorpilovtzi lies the area known as "Kamchiiski Pyasatzi"  (Kamchiya Sands). It is part of Golden Sands natural park. The area includes a beach, meadows covered with bushes and grass, freshwater swamps, natural deciduous and planted by man coniferous forests.
  • Located at the village of Shkorpilovtzi is Karaborun (Cape Black), which rises 80 m high and is the northernmost point of Stara Planina Mountain to reach the Black Sea.
  • Near the village is located Longoza Natural Reserve, a natural habitat for a great number of rare plant and animal species. To both north and south the reserve is surrounded by both branches of Shkorpilovska River, which flows into the sea.

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