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Dyulino village

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Dyulino is a village in North-East Bulgaria, part of Byala municipality, Varna region. It is located 54 km south to the city of Varna, 13 to the sea-coast and 24 km west to the municipal center of Byala.

general information

The village is snuggled at the foot of Emine mountain - at the point where Dyulino passage begins. The area is incredibly picturesque - the houses are scattered far from each other and it is hard to say that they form a village. The climate is temperate-continental, influenced by the proximity of the mountain - the summer is sunny yet cool, the autumn is warm, the winter is cold with plenty of snowfalls and the spring is cool. The air in the village is very healthy - an exceptional combination of sea, mountain and the proximity of Dvoynitza river. The population numbers to approximately 400 people. Altitude - 49 m.


The settlement was first mentioned in a Turkish register from 1731 as Ayvadjik ("aiva" means quince in Turkish). The name derives from the vast quince-tree plantations in the village. In the spring the colours of the blooming trees  make the village as if taken out of a fairy-tale, the summer nights are enchanted by the scent of the quinces and in the winter the local people enjoy the best quince brandy in the country.


In Dyulino there are food shops, complex-restaurant, a community center, a post-office, a mayoralty, a pub, a cafe, a pastry shop, a doctor's office, a pensioner's club, guest houses and a brand new church.
The village is supplied with electricity and water on a regular basis. Regular bus transportation is available to the city of Varna, the town of Byala and the nearby villages. The roads are in a very good condition and are maintained year-round.
Rural and hunting tourism are being traditionally developed in the village. The tourist have the opportunity to be accommodated in traditional style Bulgarian homes, where the kind hosts offer various types of entertainments which reproduce the atmosphere of the Bulgarian village as it was 100 years ago -  taking livestock to pasture, preparation of traditional Bulgarian dishes, game hunting (wild boars and ducks). The guests are offered delicious meals cooked by ingredients, produced by the locals - tasty and ecologically clean fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese and meat.

development prospects

The village is set among an intriguing scenery, in an ecologically clean area, far from the noise and the havoc of the big city. The area offers excellent conditions for the development of cognitive, eco tourism and hiking.
The river of Dvoinitza is a great fishing spot. The tourist may also go horseback riding, go to a picnic or to sunbathe at the Black Sea coast which is only 13 km to the village of Dyulino. The local folklore groups present to the tourists a great variety of traditional Bulgarian customs - Babinden, Lazaruvane, wedding etc


landmarks and events

  • The village of Dyulino is a magnificent place where many historical landmarks may be seen. In the surroundings of the village is to be found Kozyak medieval fortress. According to the archaeologists the fortress used to comprise two parts. the front one used to have the shape of an irregular hexagon. Remains of a tower are noticed in the northern part of the complex. Remains are also to be found  of fortress walls, Roman road and  piping.
  • A hunting dogs racing and wild boar hunting are organized in July each year;
  • The St. St. Constantine and Helena chapel, famous for its curable water is located 5 km to Dyulino

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