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village of Dobrogled

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Dobrogled village is located in the North-eastern part of Bulgaria. Part of the municipality Aksakovo , Varna district. It is 15 km north-west of city of Varna, 7 km north-west of Aksakovo, 25 km south-west of Devnya.

In Dobrogled there is community center,  a mayor's office, post office, a food shop, regular transport facilities, cable TV and Internet.  A fountain was built near the village.
The village is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to rest among peace and quietness, majestic trees without being away from the beach and amenities of the city. From Dobrogled there is a magnificent view of the city of Varna, Varna bay, harbour and surrounding forests, which offer opportunities for hunting and picnic.
Proximity to the Black Sea and the lower altitude determined mild climate. The average air temperatures  are about 12 degrees.
Residents about 100. There are also many foreign families that have already bought property in the village.

Although Dobrogled is located near the sea capital and one of the most popular Bulgarian resorts like Golden Sands (40 km west of the resort), St. Constantine and Elena (30 km west of the resort), Albena (37 km to the south-west of the resort) and others in the immediate vicinity is also attractive places for tourism and recreation:

- Locality Batova, representing an impressive forest, located mainly in the Municipality Aksakovo. The area has several huts. Annually organize gatherings for singing and dancing that bring people from the entire region.

- Nature Park Pobitite kamani is a protected area from which the majority falls within the municipality.

- Nature Park, Golden Sands, which is located in the most eastern part of the municipality and occupies an area of 747 ha. One third of the park is located in the Municipality Aksakovo. Predominate deciduous and coniferous species such as oak, oak, hornbeam, beech and pine.

- Aladja Monastery - the only monastery in the region, which is located within the Nature Park, Golden Sands.

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