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Botevo village

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Botevo is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, part of Aksakovo municipality, Varna region. It is located 25 km away from the town of Aksakovo, 30 km away from the town of Dobrich and 35 km away from the city of Varna.

general information

The village of Botevo is located in an ecologically clean area and is surrounded by a beautiful nature. The relief is various - fertile fields are alternating low, woody hills. The climate is temperate-continental with distinct four seasons - cool spring, hot summer, colourful autumn and a cold winter with plenty of snowfalls. The population numbers to approximately 200 people. Altitude - 230 m.


In the village there is a mayoralty, a community center with a library, a post-office, an Orthodox church, grocery shops, a cafe.
The roads are in a good condition. Coverage of all mobile operators and a telephone exchange are available. The village is set in an area with rich cultural and historical heritage and excellent natural resources. The area is ecologically clean. Near the village there are several small dam-lakes stocked with fish, wonderful places for both fishing and relaxation.
Traditionally the local people are engaged into farming and stock-breeding, mainly for the needs of their families. Bee-keeping is being developed, as well. A private agricultural co-operation cultivates the fertile lands near the village.


  • Undoubtedly, the most significant landmark in the area in is the St. Marina monastery. It was founded in the middle of the 19th century, near a spring which the local people believed was curative. In the past, the area surrounding the monastery used to belong to a rich Turkish noble. He decided to build his palace there, but during excavation works while the foundations were to be placed, the workers found a cross on which the name of St. Marina was carved. When the Turkish noble learnt about that a cross was found in the ground he decided that it is a holly Christian place and sold the property. Being convinced that the place is sacred, the man who bought it had donated this beautiful property willing to build a monastery on it. In 1844 a small chapel and two  public baths were constructed by the spring. After WWII the monastery was deserted only to be brought back to life again in the beginning of the 21st century. The chapel and the baths were repaired. Four additional rooms for pilgrims were built with a cook-house. The traditional fair on July 17th /the Day of St. Marina/ which was held there ever since the 19th century was restored. For the local people it is a favourite location for picnics among the peacefulness and the serenity of the surroundings, the lavish greenery and the gentle murmur of the miracle spring telling enchanting stories of ancient times.

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