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Prosechen village

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Prosechen is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, part of Suvorovo municipality, Varna region. The village lies between the towns of Devnya and Suvorovo, some 30 km to the city of Varna, 5 km south-west to the village of Chernevo and 9 km south-west to the town of Suvorovo.

general information

The climate in temperate-continental and is characterized by warm summer, sunny spring, a mild winter with plenty of snowfalls and a cool spring. The winds are predominantly blowing  from north, north-east and north-west, which does not allow the emissions from the chemical plants in Devnya to reach the village. The area of Suvorovo municipality is one of the areas with most sunny days in the year. The relief is flat-hilly. The population numbers to approximately 26 people. Altitude - 353 m. The former name of the village used to be Boaz Kesen.

The village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis. The roads are in a good condition. The nearest shop is located in the village of Chernevo and the nearest doctor's office in the town of Suvorovo. A regular railway transportation is available from/to the city of Varna from the railway station in Chernevo.

The favourable climate provides excellent conditions for the production of fruits and vegetables of highest quality. A big poultry farm is available in the village. The ecologically clean area, cool summer and mild winter offer plenty of opportunities for relaxation and tourism.

Prosechen is a great destination for people who value the tranquillity, the peacefulness and the close contact to nature!



Prosechen is mostly famous for its forest - there are trails starting at BARITE hotel complex in the village of Chernevo and leading to the most beautiful spots where benches are installed and sheds with furnaces are built giving the tourists the opportunity to prepare their own food. The forest next to the village is very green, the paths are well-maintained, there is a rich biodiversity and it is a favourite spot for the local mushroom-gatherers. There are signs which give directions to the landmarks of interest: Izvora (the Spring), Suhata Cheshma (the Dry Fountain), Chervenata Cheshma (the Red Fountain) etc.


  • Izvora (The Spring) - a spring which derives to form a small river and is located in a very beautiful area. A shed is built and a BBQ. Great spot for romantic souls! the best time to visit this place is the early afternoon when the sun-light creates a magical atmosphere!
  • Suhata Cheshma (The Dry Fountain) - a spring with a drinkable water. Again, there is a big shed with a BBQ. Nearby there is a small waterfall flowing through the roots of a big old tree.

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