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village of Avren

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Avren is a village in north-eastern Bulgaria, administrative center of Avren municipality part of Varna region.

It is located 25 km to the south-west  from the city of Varna, 30 km away from the sea-coast and 10 km to the south from the town of Beloslav and the Beloslav Lake.


general information

The population numbers to 1 200 people. The relief is flat-hilly, there a re many bizarre rock formations in the area. The climate is temperate-continental, influenced by the proximity to the Black Sea. It is characterized by a cool summer and a mild winter. The former name of the village used to be Momino. Altitude - 360 m.


In the village there is a secondary school, a kindergarten, a community center with a library, a food products market, food and industrial goods shops, a post-office, a petrol station, cafes, 5 taverns, an emergency medical service center, a dentist's office, a pensioner's club, an Orthodox church built in 1868, a family hotel, a football playground, an astronomic observatory.
The infrastructure in Avren is very well organized - the roads are in a good condition, regular transportation is available to the city of Varna and all the villages in the municipality. The village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis, gas-supply is available on demand. The population has access to all modern communications - internet, telephone, satellite TV, coverage of all mobile operators, an information center.

natural resources and development propspectives

Some 3 km away from the village there is a dam-lake next to which there is a place named "Fishermen's Hut" where visitors may prepare the fish they caught.
The area is ecologically clean, and the nature - preserved. On the territory of the municipality there are many natural and cultural landmarks and trails which provides excellent conditions for the development of cultural, rural and eco-tourism. The climate provides favourable conditions for vine-growing and wine-making. The beautiful nature, the clear air and the serenity of the village and its proximity to the city of Varna are making it an attractive destination for both vacation and year-round habitation. Over 100 foreign citizens have purchased properties in the village. Most of them are from England and Ireland, but there are also "representatives" of France and other European countries. In the school of the village there are 7 English pupils and one of the teachers in English is a British citizen who have chosen to permanently live and work in the village of Avren.
The locals are predominantly engaged into agriculture, many of them are commuting to their work in Varna on a regular basis.


  • The astronomic observatory - the site was chosen due to its remoteness from the city of Varna. This way the "light pollution" from the big city does not affect the visibility to the night sky and and allows good pictures to be taken. Observations from different astronomy clubs in Varna are carried out in the observatory on a regular basis. During the summer the astronomy enthusiasts have the opportunity to observe comets, meteors, variable stars. In 2006 an educational alley with a summer house has been built surrounding the observatory. It was named "a walk to the stars".
  • "Kamchiya on wheels" bycycle alley is divided into two parts - the first one is designed for children and beginners, while the second one is for more experienced bicyclists since there are some sections going through a rather rough terrain. The alley leads to a picnic zone, near the dam-lake of Priseltzi village;
  • "Kamchia Longoz" trail allows the visitors to get closer to the nature and get acquainted with the great variety of plants and the structure diversity of the forest.
  • The beach of Kamchia river near Avren is one of the largest sandy beaches in Bulgaria with total area of 192 decars. It is located by Kamchia reserve near Longoza reserve, the buffer zone of Kamchia biosphere reserve, which is under the protection of UNESCO, the mouth of Kamchia river and the Pasha Dere firth.

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