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Conevo village

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Conevo is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, part of Dalgopol municipality, Varna region. It is located 64 km away from the city of Varna, 22 km away from the town of Provadiya and 11 km away from the town of Dalgopol.

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The population of Conevo numbers to approximately 3 000 people. The climate is temperate-continental, influenced by the proximity to the eastern slopes of Stara Planina mountain. There are four distinct seasons - cool and sunny summer, warm autumn, cold winter with plenty of snowfalls and a  sunny spring. The relief is flat-hilly, as large areas are covered with century-old deciduous forests which attract hunters from near and far. Altitude - 36 m. In the past the village was named Rakla and Sandakchi, as both names mean "chest".


In the village there is a secondary school, two community centers, a kindergarten, shops, cafes, a post office, a doctor's and a dentist's offices, a modern ceremony hall and a party lounge, pensioner's clubs, guest villas and a complex set on the bank of Conevo dam-lake.
The infrastructure is excellent - the roads are in a good condition, the village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis. The construction of  a sewerage is planned. The inhabitants of the village may take advantage on all kinds of modern conveniences - internet, cable TV and mobile communications. Regular bus transportation connects Conevo to the nearby villages the towns of Dalgopol and Provadiya and the city of Varna. The inhabitants of the village may also use railway transportation, as the nearest railway station is in the village of Velichkovo, 2 km away from Conevo.


Unlike many other villages, the population of Conevo does not decrease. The locals have found occupation in the three wood-precessing workshops in the village, in the quarry in Sini Vir area, in the maintenance of Conevo and Eleshnitza dam-lakes. Most of the State Forestry personnel are from the village of Conevo, too. Part of the locals are commuting to the town of Devnya, Povelyanovo quarter of Devnya and the city of Varna. In the past the main occupation for the local people used to be the vegetable growing, and during the past few years, due to the exceptionally attractive location of the village the tourism has undergone a turbulent development.


The village of Conevo is an attractive and popular tourist destination. The attractions it offers are traditional for the rural lifestyle. The picturesque dam-lake surrounded by grovy slopes are making it a tourist attraction and offer wonderful opportunities for picnics, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, eco-tourism and observation of rare bird species.
The village is very attractive due to the beautiful nature it is surrounded by, the clear air, the various relief, the tranquilty and the lavish greenery.


  • Conevo dam-lake lies 1 km away from the village. Its capacity is 330 million cubic meters. The wall of the dam is 890 meters long and 39 m tall. It is the longest  wall on the Balkan peninsula made of clay and even today it is considered a unique installation. The dam-lake is stocked with fish - Common Bream, Common Rudd, Carassius, European Perch and Sheat Fish - and offers wonderful conditions for fishing. The picturesque scenery surrounding the dam-lake is making it a n attractive place for the development of tourism and short-term repose. Near the dam-lake there are bungalows and private homes may be rented in the nearby villages of Conevo and Asparuhovo.
  • Chudnite Skali /the Amazing Rocks/ rock phenomenon is located in the souther part of the village of Conevo. Its total area is12.5 hectars and is located on the bank of Tzonevo dam-lake. The formation represents a massif of 10 incredibly beautiful rocks, 40-50 m high, which resemble the towers of a castle. They were formed by the influence of the water and the wind over the soft limestone as the rock is not monolithic. the rocks are rising from the banks of the lake - vertical and steep. The phenomenon comprises three rock massifs through which three tunnels are hewn. The road winds through the tunnels... Since the formations are to be seen from the main road the travellers would often stop by to admire the amazing view and the sophisticated forms of the rocks.


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