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Goren chiflik village

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Goren Chiflik is a village in north-eastern Bulgaria. It is part of Dolni Chiflik municipality, Varna region and is located 15 km away from the village of Shkorpilovtzi, 40 km away from the city of Varna and 22 km away from the sea-coast.

general information

The village is located in the valley of Kamchiya river at a altitude of 30 m. The climate is influenced by the proximity to the Black Sea - the winter is mild, and the summer - sunny and cool.  The population of the village is approximately 1 400 people.



The infrastructure of Goren Chiflik is very well- organized. There is a mayor's office, a secondary school, a community center, a kindergarten, an Orthodox church, a museum dedicated to the popular customs in the village, a restaurant, two libraries, a doctor's office, a post-office, several grocery shops. The roads are in a good condition. Regular public transportation is available to the city of Varna and the nearby villages.
Some 2 km away from the village there is an agricultural airport.


natural resources

Tzonevo dam-lake - one of the largest in the area is 20 km away. Another dam-lake named Eleshnitza is located 16 km away from the village. Both dam-lakes provide excellent conditions and attract fishing lovers from all parts of the country. The unique LONGOZ forest and century-old oak and beech forest are surrounding the village. Kamchiya river passes by the village and among the dense forests of Doanka area one could see a beautiful waterfall. Developed on the territory of the village is the production of apples, herbs, maize and vegetables.


Sherba game breeding station  - the oldest in the country - is located near the village of Goren Chiflik. Its name means "beautiful forest" in French. The station was established back in 1934. Lying on a territory of 13 500 hectars it is situated on the northern slopes of Stara Planina mountain. Varna airport is 75 km away from the station. The relief is mountainous. In Sherba there are two hunting chalets. The station offers various kinds of activities to its visitors - eco-tourism, photo hunting, sport fishing, and  northern Black Sea coast sightseeing. Sherba is known for its rich populations of red deer, fallow deer, does, wild boars and muflons, pheasants and woodcocks. The predatory animals to be hunted down in the station are jackals, foxes and wild cats.
Sherba could well be named "the deciduous tree's kingdom". Century-old beech, oak, hornbeam, quercus oak, cerris oak and  lime-tree forests cover the territory of the station.
Is it possible to see fairies and elves in these magnificent forests? The legend has it that the beech and oak trees are considered sacred for fairies and elves inhabit them...


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