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Oreshak village

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Oreshak is a village in North-eastern Bulgaria. It is part of Aksakovo municipality, Varna region and is located 20 km away from the city of Varna, 23 km away from Golden Sands resort, 30 km away from Albena resort and some 12 km away from the sea-coast.

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The former name of the village was Jevezli. Its population numbers to 211 people. The location of the village near the Varna-Durankulak international road is a convenient starting point for trips to Albena resort, Balchik, the rocky coasts of Yaylata and Kamen bryag village, to Cape Kaliakra and the small but exotic coves of Rusalka resort. The brand new BlackSeaRama golf course is some 35 km away from the village. The climate in the area is temperate-continental, influenced by the Black Sea. Most of the countryside is hilly. The latitude of the village is 320 m. In the area there are excellent conditions for the development of eco, hunting and rural tourism. The locals are predominantly occupied in agriculture - plant-growing and stock-breeding.


Oreshak is a smal, picturesque village surrounded by beautiful, virgin nature. The area is ecologically clean and peaceful. In the village there is a community center, a guest house, food shops, an Orthodox church, a doctor's office, a restaurant. 3 km away from the village there is a petrol-station. Coverage of all mobile operators, internet, satellite TV. A regular public bus-line to the city of Varna 8 times/day.
In 2009 the PONYLAND horse-breeding base was established. It offers various services such as horseback riding lessons, ponies for  children's parties etc.  The village is surrounded  by century-old deciduous forests.


There are many attractive places to visit within 20 km from Oreshak village:

- Batova area - a huge forest most of which is part of Aksakovo municipality. Some huts and cabins are built there. Folklore gatherings are being organized there on a regular basis attracting people from all parts of the country.

- Pobiti Kamani natural park - a protected area with stone column formations with height of up to 10 m. The formations represent hollow or dense cylinders or cones, rock blocks of different shape and many huge rock pieces scattered among the entire complex.

- Golden Sands natural park - it is located in the most southern part of the municipality and occupies a territory 130 hectars. One third of the park is set on the territory of Aksakovo municipality.


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