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Klimentovo village

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Klimentovo is a village in north-eastern Bulgaria, part of Aksakovo municipality, Varna region. Klimentovo is located 23 km away from the city of Varna, 40 km away from the town of Dobrich and 16 km away from Albena resort. It is situated on Varna-Albena main road.


general information

Its former name used to be Kapaklii. Its present name is to honour St. Kliment Ohridski - a medieval scholar, teacher and the first bishop to preach in Old-Bulgarian language, who was declared a saint after he died.
The population of the village numbers to 252 people. Altitude - 260 m. The relief is various - hills, hollows and Batova river flowing nearby. The climate is temperate-continental, influenced by the proximity of the Black Sea - the winter is mild with plenty of snowfalls and the summer is cool.


The village is known as "the village with a 100 flags", the mayor has started an initiative to put a national flag in front of every house in the village. Until 1942 the border with Romania used to pass 1 km away from Klimentovo. Even today the guests of the village are wondering why are there dormer-windows on the building mayor's office is housed. In the past those were the watch towers of the border guards.


In the village there is a community center, grocery shops, a cafe, a small park, a mayor's office, a big fountain in the center of the village of which flows drinkable spring water, a hotel complex with a restaurant and a park, an Orthodox church consecrated in1864, a doctor's office. In Klimentovo there is also a hotel and a school for dogs, where the pets get shelter, training and qualified medical service.
The infrastructure is very well organized - all streets are asphalted and are in a very good condition, all properties in the village are supplied with water and electricity. A regular public bus-line /No. 33/ is available to the city of Varna, three times a day.

tourism and landmarks

Klimentovo is amongst the first settlements  not only in the municipality but in the region, as well to start developing rural tourism. A resourceful family has started to meet in their home foreign tourists from the nearby resorts and offering them honey and mead. In front of the fountain in the center of the village the foreign guests are invited with a special ritual to taste Easter cake and buttermilk. For about half an hour the local authentic folklore group entertains the guests afterwards everyone is invited to try meals, wine and brandy produced by the locals.
A new building is rising in the yard of the church. It will house a colourful ethnographic exposition. The people from the village are bringing out exhibits to represent the lifestyle of their predecessors.
Over 30 properties in the village are purchased by foreigners as six foreign families are permanent residents of Klimentovo.
The locals are engaged predominantly into farming and tourism. The area is ecologically clean, the nature is preserved and very beautiful. The village provides excellent conditions for the development of rural and eco-tourism.

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