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The village of Lozenets is about 60km south of Burgas in Tsarevo municipality, Burgas region.
Lozenets is one of the few Bulgarian resorts, combining sea, mountain and rivers with exotic vegetation and diversity of animal species.
The resort village is for all those seeking peace, quiet and unique natural landscapes. Lozenets village is surrounded by several picturesque rivers, which soars some dense vegetation and hills of Strandzha Mountain is lowered down to the very sea, seaming the pretty village. Beautiful beaches of the resort attract even the most demanding tourists with its crystal clear sea water and fine golden sand. For lovers of secluded corners Lozenets offers  several empty
beaches, surrounded by beautiful rocks.

All natural images is combined with many luxury restaurants, pizza restaurants, restaurants with a traditional Bulgarian atmosphere and discos on the beach. The intense night life and many exotic bars ensure a pleasant time where everyone can enjoy their favorite cocktails.

In Lozenets beach offers a variety of entertainment, even the most demanding visitors. Of driving surfing, jet-ski or scooters, fishing, and pull a boat, water skiing, water slides, diving, beach volleyball, tennis court are among the few entertainment that the resort offers. Once you feel the entire magic called Lozenets, it  is difficult  to shake off the charm of the resort.

Slanted and low hills of Strandzha Mountain are overgrown  with old oak forests, that smooth slope to the sea, cutting the bank of dozens of small bays and peninsulas.


The village was founded in 1924 as a resting place of the people of neighboring village of Velika. Initially called Emberli in the name of the famous grape variety, but was later renamed in Lozenets.
Lozenets is a typical fishing village providing fresh fish and fish delicacies of local restaurants. Local wine adds exotic menu of most restaurants and pub. For those who prefer to work, the night fun is enough  with plenty of night clubs, discos and clubs.


Regular buses run between Burgas and  Lozenets and furthermore one can hire a boat to and from the nearest port of Tsarevo.


In recent years, Lozenets increasingly established itself as a favorite resting place of not only foreign tourists but also the Bulgarians because of its accessibility and relaxed atmosphere.
In the village dominate  two-and three-storey houses and houses converted into comfortable small hotels and rooms for turists.

Beach .... And the feast ......

Throughout the season  the cultural program of the resort Lozenets is full of professional and amateur concerts, competitions, annual fotofiesta, excursions to towns and tourist points and attractive objects.
The beach has golden sand and there can be recruited: umbrellas, lounges, water wheels, jets and more.
Not far away are the beaches of  camp-sites Oasis and Coral,  Dyuni resort, the unique reserve Ropotamo River.
May 6 is the official holidayof the village. The curch is  named of St. Georgi. It was built entirely with donations. The project is by architect Dimitar Stoyanov.
Each year on May 6, Lozenets is traditionally visited by many guests from all over the country, among which are most of the donors of the church.


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