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village of Cherni vrah

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Cherni vrah is a village in Southeast Bulgaria. It is situated in Kameno municipality, Burgas region.

In Bulgaria there are two other settlements with the same name - in Montana region and in Shumen region.

It is about 12 km southwest of the regional center the town of Burgas, 16 km northeast of the town of Sredets and about 15 km south of the town of Kameno.

The relief in the area is plain. In climate condition typical for the area are the long and warm summer and the small amount of summer precipitation, the winter at the same time is mild and snowy.

The population is about 800 people.

The village is with water and electricity systems, there also is phone central. All mobile operators have coverage. In Cherni vrah there is community center, post office, town hall, church, kindergarten, primary school. The nearest medical center and places for accommodation are in the town of Kameno.
One of the main activities here is the farming.

In the are being constructed many new houses, a couple of English and Russian families have purchased properties here. Large part of the village is occupied by villas that are used mainly in the summer.

The proximity to the Black seacoast is a paramount for good relaxation and tourism, that it is good for the development of fishing.

The area is with good conditions for practicing of sea, eco, wine, historical and cultural tourism. It is suitable for hunting as there is wide range of pray.

Interesting landmarks that can be visited in the area are:

  • In proximity to the town of Kameno near the river Aytoska river is situated Kotiyata area that is forest of field elm trees with area about 150 acres.
  • The wall of the ancient fortress Kaleto that is architectural landmark and can be found a couple of kilometers from the village in the mountain.
  • Natural landmark "Dobrovanski gabi" it is series of rock formations that are in the same region.

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