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Pomorie – heavenly place on the Bulgarian Black Sea, that combines romance and coziness, intrinsic only for the small towns.

The Resort

The resort possesses unique natural resources, that makes is attractive place for rest and treatment in all seasons – magnet for tourists from many countries. The favourable conditions have contributed Pomorie to become winner of the “Blue Flag” and provide the long time for rest – from May to October.


Pomorie is a town (around 14 500 inhabitants), located on a narrow rocky peninsula, cut 3,5 km into the Black Sea, 20 km from Burgas and 18 km from Sunny Beach. The town is found in IVc. BC near the ultrasaline lagoon Lake Pomorie, called „sacred” by the Thracians for its healing effects.


The climate is extremely favourable: continuing sunshine which reaches up to 2360 hours annually. The average temperature of the air and the water in July is 23,6oC. Consequent, following each other winds (breeze) from the sea to the shore and from the shore to the sea rhythmically refresh the air.
In the morning, before sunrise the air is rich in ozone and negative ions, ultraviolet rays and iodine, released in the form of gas from seaweeds.
Because of the slow cooling of the sea water, the autumn is warm and continuing. The average autumn temperature is 20,5oC.
The snowfalls are minimal as the snow lasts no more than 5 to 7 days. From the middle of October until the beginning of March the sea warms the air.
The average temperature in spring is 14oC. Such a climate allows the resort to be used from early spring until late autumn for sun treatment and sea treatment.

Natural Resources

Pomorie is considered the biggest mud-curing resort in Bulgaria. One of the great priorities of the health resort is the valuable mud-curing lake, laggon and saltern for production of sea salt and the curing lye. It is proved that according to its qualities Pomorie curative mud, extracted from the salty lake, is among the best in the world.
In the modern sanatorium different diseases are cured all year round diseases of the bone-muscular system of the body; gynaecological, surgery and traumatical, skin, peripheral nerves, non-typical of the breathing organs, liver, heart and other diseases.
The mineral water is of a rare kind and has very low mineralization, which makes it healthier for the whole strengthening of human organism.

Sea and sand

The sea coast is low level, sandy with completely opened horizon to east and west, sheltered in north by the Balkan Mountain Range. The coastline area is about 18 700 sq. m and about 7 km long, with iron rich sand, encompassing the Pomorie bay. Here the beach and the sea are part of the town, which makes Pomorie very attractive place.
The breakwaters that are situated outside the swimming areas drive back the cold sea drafts.
The sea bottom is shallow and smooth, with slight slope, without reefs and cold sea drafts, which makes it safe for swimming and bathing.


The resort Pomorie disposes of over 60 000 beds category 1, 2 and 3 stars, in family pensions(hotels), hotels with all the facilities for a quiet family recreation, a lot of establishments for quick eating, indoor swimming pool. "Sunset Resort”, grand hotel "Pomorie", „Marina Holiday Club” и „Sunny Bay”, are only few of the many hotels that offer  well-furnished rooms and apartments , as well as many facilities for  complete relaxation.

The “St. George the Conqueror” monastery with its preserved stone relief of St. George is situated between the Old and the New town of Pomorie. It’s the only active monastery for men in Southeastern part of Bulgaria and is a remarkable cultural monument. It’s built in 1856, but there’re data, that there was an altar on the area, which brought the same name.

Another sights are the old churches: “Church of the Transfiguration of God” (XVIII-XIX c.) and “Church of the Birth of the Most Holy Mother of God” (XIX c.), the museum exposition, in the house where the famous Bulgarian poet P.K. Yavorov lived and his monument on the Yavorov Rocks. Near the camp “Evropa” in the Kuhata Mogila district is found a tomb mausoleum (III-IV c.) with interesting funnel-shaped construction.


Convenient transport junctions connect Pomorie with other towns and resorts. The airport is only 8 km away. The vicinity of the resort Sunny Beach and the regional centre Bourgas widen the possibilities for entertainment. The aquatory of the Pomorie Bay is preferred place for yachting and the pier - by amateur fishermen.


Together with the traditional means of livelihood of the local population - wine-growing, wine-producing, production of salt and fishing, tourism and its accompanying activities define the new image in economics of the more attractive balneological, the sea resort Pomorie.

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