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Malko Tarnovo

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The town of Malko Tarnovo is situated in southeastern Bulgaria and it is the third largest city in Burgas region. Located in the heart of Strandzha mountain and it is completely over the territory of Natural Park “Strandzha”. The town borders to the municipalities of Sredets, Sozopol, Primorsko and Tsarevo, to the south with the republic of Turkey. The municipality is crossed by an international road which is the shortest connection to Europe countries and those from the Near East. Malko Tarnovo is at about 76 km away from the region center of Burgas – the fourth largest town in Bulgaria, an important and perspective transport center. The population of the town is 2 951 people. The village of Tsarevo is 56 km away from Malko Tarnovo, the architectural-historical reserve of Sozopol - 60 km, the distances from the border point and a customs is just 9 km and on 45 km is set the town of Kurklareli (Turkey ). The capital of Bulgaria - Sofia  is situated 470 km from the town.


The specific climate of the Malko Tarnovo region is influenced by the Black Sea and the Mediterranean -it characterizes with comparatively soft winter and long and hot summer.
The southeastern part of the Strandzha is the sunniest place in Bulgaria (57 kcal/ During the season (April - October) Strandzha has the highest number of sunny days in Bulgaria.




Main transport thoroughfares:

  • Main road: Burgas town - road fork “Poda” – Marinka village – Krushevets village – Bosna area – Zvezdets village – Malko Tarnovo town
  • Burgas town – Tsarevo – Bulgari village – Grammatikovo village – Malko Tarnovo town
  • Harmanli town – Topolovgrad town – Elhovo – Bolyarovo – Tagarevsko harche – Varovick village - Bosna area – Zvezdets village – Malko Tarnovo town

There are regular public transports the cities of Burgas andTsarevo. The town of Malko Tarnovo reaches neighbor Turkey through Malko Tarnovo customs and Istanbul town is only 290 km away from the border.


In the vicinity of the town is extracted marble. Thus of the disposal, the town of Malko Tarnovo is a visited place by many people. The climate favours the cure of pulmonary diseases.



Disposed in the heart of the Strandzha mountain over the largest part of the territory of the namesake natural park, municipality of Malko Tarnovo town is a heir of the many centuries relation between the mountain and the sea.
The municipality in her present day appearance becomes an attractive tourist center in Bulgaria. The spirit of the ancient past is carried over the time. The municipality brings together the millennium history of Europe from the Thracians till Christianity.
The unique atmosphere of the town of Malko Tarnovo is founded by: two churches (Catholic and Orthodox); a historical museum located in the buildings of three typical houses from the Bulgarian revival (the middle of XIX century); walking tours to the Thracian tombs from Roman epoch in the surroundings of the town; Golemiyat vris – the symbol spring in the center of the town Malko Tarnovo. About it the locals said that if a girl or a boy from different town drank water they would marry in Malko Tarnovo.

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