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village of Yasna polyana

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Yasna Polyana is located in Southeast Bulgaria, Municipality Primorsko, District Burgas.

It is 10 km from Primorsko, 36 km from Burgas.
Situated at the foot of Strandja mountain, along the Dyavolska River. At the northern edge of the village passes Ropotamo river. Surrounded by forests, called by the local population longuzi.
In 1970's around the village is built the second largest dam in Burgas District - Dam Yasna Polyana, which provides drinking water to the southern coast.
The climate is continental with a definite influence of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea mainly makes Strandja one of the hottest mountains in the region.
The population is about 700 people.
The village has a GP, a dentist, a kindergarten and community center.
Contemporary village with infrastructure renewal. In reconstruction is the road Yasna Polyana - Primorsko. Near the village already operates charter airport Primorsko. It is envisaged to be built a golf course in the area between Yasna Polyana and Primorsko. In the library is built computer club, which aims to raise the qualifications of the local population. Here is available and fitness.

Tourism and Traditions


People from Yasna Polyana keep their traditions. This end-time fire dancing is a great tribute, this unique pagan fire dance which is performed every year during the feast of St. Constantine and Elena.
Spring mummers organize games when disguised with masks and bells leather mummers drive evil from the village and play in the health and fertility.
In Yasna Polyana is the oldest organized symposium on sculpture of wood. Every year they come here to create sculptures from all around the world / Japan, France, Germany, Italy etc /.
The proximity of the sea and game reserves makes it attractive place for tourists, hunters and fishermen. 1 km from the village is Yasna Polyana dam, which is a favorite fishing spot. The vicinity is rich in diverse game and birds.
Yasna Polyana is located near the reserve Ropotamo, Petrova niva locality is a good starting point for eco-tourism. The village actively develop rural tourism. The combination of proximity to the sea and mountains makes Yasna Polyana increasingly attractive place for a peaceful and relaxing holiday.


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