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Village of Debelt

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Debelt is a village in southeastern Bulgaria. It is located in Sredets municipality, Burgas district.

Debelt is located on the coast of Mandra Lake, 20 km west of the Black Sea coast. It is situated 11 km east of Sredets, 24 km south of Burgas, 48 ​​km west of Sozopol, 50 km south of Karnobat to 381 km east of the capital - Sofia.

The altitude of the village is 46 meters. The climate is humid subtropical, with Black Sea and continental influence. Summer and autumn are relatively Mediterranean - long and lean. Winters are mild, without snow.

 The population is around 1860 inhabitants. Locala are engaged in farming - there is a dairy farm.

The access to the village is accomplished by road. It has electricity and water supply, there is coverage of Internet and mobile operators. The village has a railway station and regular bus transport to Sredets and Burgas.

Debelt has a town hall, community center, church, primary school, stadium, kindergarten, pharmacy, meat establishment, shops and restaurants. The village has a general and a veterinarian. The nearest hospitals are located in Burgas.

Landmarks and tourism:

Near the village are situated the remains of ancient settlement Deultum, from year 705 which is an important Byzantine town between Bulgaria and Byzantium. In the village there are Thracian mounds, which were not studied. Revealed are the old Roman baths and the foundations of the palace. In Debelt is only studied in Europe medieval custom in which Byzantium paid a yearly tax to Bulgaria. In the village worked archaeological museum where artefacts are exposed.

Extremely beautiful and picturesque area Mandra Lake has status of a reserve. There are over 250 species of birds along the lake. Lake offers opportunities for recreational fishing.

Debelt is the only of its kind in Europe Reserve for dragonflies. Reserve kept 19 species of these beautiful insects and attracts the interest of visitors and scholars from around the world.

In Burgas you can walk to Seaside Park Casino and 'Burgas Bridge "(pier for walking).

The old town of Sozopol is declared an architectural museum. About 180 buildings from the XVIII and early XIX century shape the character of the reserve.

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