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village of Brodilovo

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Brodilovo is a village in southeast Bulgaria, part of Tsarevo municipality, Burgas region.

It is 77 km south of the town of Burgas, 12 km south of the town of Tsarevo and 22 km west of the town of Ahtopol.

The permanent population is about 360 people but during the summer here there are many other people.

The relief is low and its altitude is about 56 m.
The climate in the area is Medditarenian and is characterized by dry summr and mild winter with lots of precipitation.

The infrastructure of Brodilovo is good with partially asphalted streets and lighting, electricity system, water system, Internet and phone system.

There is regular transportation to and from the town of Tsarevo.

In the villafe there are town hall, post office and community center.
The church St Pantaleymon was constructed in 1911 and is monument of culture. In the village of Brodilovo and its area there are a couple of chapels - St Pantaleymon, St Bogoroditsa, St Petka, St Konstantin and St Yani.

Also there are stores and pub, coffee shop.

Landmarks and cultural landmarks

The proximity of the village to Veleka river and this creates opportunity for fishing, walks and relaxation in the beautiful nature. Brodilovo is suitable place for the people that enjoy mountain hiking, because its surrounded by beautiful forests.

The areas around it there are remains from three fortresses in the areas Pevtich, Kaleto and Plakata, three mounds and traces of metallurgical activity. Southeast of the village found the ruins of an old church, which gives the name of the place - Paleoklyos.

Strandhza natural park offers its visitors the option for one unforgettable experience. The low mountain relief and the net of maintained tourist trails is good foundation for making walking tourism. The favourable weather in the area helps the development of the tourism and the four seasons of the year.

The beaches of the village of Lozenets are jsut 19 km away. They are with golden and very fine sand. On the territory of the village there a couple of beaches - Central, Koral, Mechata dupka, Malak and Babeshki. The central beach is with long beach line 700 m.


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