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village Izvor

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Izvor is a village in southeastern Bulgaria in Burgas municipality, Burgas District. 


In Bulgaria there are 5 villages with the name "Izvor" - in Burgas, Plovdiv, Pernik, Sofia and Vidin regions. 


Village of Izvor, Burgas district is located 15 km south of Burgas, 20 km southwest of Chernomorets, 22 km south of Sozopol and 28 km northwest of Primorsko


The terrain is flat. Altitude in different parts varies between 0 and 49 meters. The climate is transitional-Mediterranean with the Black Sea climatic influence. Characterized by mild winters and warm sunny summer. Passes through the village underground river, there are 5 wells. 
The population is about 680 inhabitants. 
Infrastructure is well developed. There is electricity, a modern water supply maintained a constant level of water regardless of weather conditions. Roads are in good condition. There is a telephone exchange, Internet access, cable TV and cover all mobile operators. The village has a kindergarten, community center, a newly built church, grocery stores, restaurants.

Tourist and cultural attractions 

Because of its proximity to the Black Sea resorts, Izvor has become a beautiful villa area, enjoy a great interest from people who want to escape from hectic everyday life. 
This has the potential for rural tourism. 1-2 km from the village of Izvor begin virgin forests of Strandzha. Next is the reserve "Dubrava". This is the name of the river and passing through the village (known also as "Izvorska River) flowing into Lake Mandra. 
Nearby is Mandra Lake (10 km. from Burgas) - the most southern of the three Bourgas Lakes. Until 1963. it was brackish lake, and today is a dam with water area about 3884 hectare. Mandra coast of cover at the northern slopes of bronze. Mandra Lake store large quantities of fresh water is increasingly scarce natural resource. Another value of lake fish stocks and its water game. 
The lake is attractive to proponents of the cognitive tourism in all seasons. 
The most valuable parts of the lake are under protection (mouth of the river Izvorska - an area of ​​151 ha), or proposed protected areas (the "Uzungeren" - an area of ​​210 hectare).


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