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Rezovo Village

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Rezovo Village - The SoutheRNMOST Point on the Black Sea shore


The village of Rezovo is the most Southern point on the Black Sea shore. It is located in the municipality of Tsarevo, 103 km far from Bourgas.


Rezovo is 11km far from Sinemorets, 17km from Ahtopol and 36km from Lozenets. It is in the borderline zone of Bulgaria with Turkey. In the South from there is the Valley of Rezovska River with beautiful rock formations and a great number of swift currents.


The village keeps very rich and ancient past, which is proven by the Thracian necropolis in the Selski Dol locality, only few kilometers far from the village, as well as the remains of the small antique fortress Kastritsion. According to historians the name of the village is connected to the personal name of Thracian king Rezos, who according to Homer participates in the Trojan War.

In the past Rezovo was a seaport village, which exported wood material and agricultural goods for the Ottoman Empire. It was much bigger than now, but because of pirates’ attacks it moves further from the seacoast and during the Ilinden-Preobrazhen Uprising it was almost burned down.


There are around 70 local inhabitants of the village at the moment, but because of the nature there and quietness their number is increasing. During the past years it starts attracting foreign tourist, as well and is included as a tourist destination.
The path to the village runs through the forest, where can be found little inlets with clear water and sand.
Apart from the Kastritsion forest, another attraction in the region is the extremely beautiful beach Silistar, which is around 1km long and 50m wide. That is the place where Silistar River is flowing into the sea and it provides very good living conditions for various vegetation and animal species. It’s only 4-5 km far from Rezovo in the protected zone in Strandja Nature Park. That’s why the region is still wild and not built up. Despite of the fact, tourists can easily reach Rezovo by cars. The beach safeguarded and there’s a parking lot. Only some kilometers far from Silistar through the eco paths tourists can find the more virgin and difficult to access Lipite Beach.
There is also a church in the village – “St. Constantine and Elena”, which has been built in 20th century and is still preserved today.

Rezovo offers interesting occupations for its visitors. They can enjoy the river, sea and underwater fishing, sail with a boat along the Veleka River, or ride a horse, because nearby there is a horseriding club, where the beginners will be taught by professionalists. There are many bays, which are suitable for nudist.

Tourists can stay in the local “Villa Rezovo”, which has a wonderful sight to the sea and offers all facilities for its guests. The family hotel “Rezovo” has bigger capacity and offers sight to the Turkish bay, Rezovo River and Strandja Mountain. There are also other private rooms, hostels and well-supplied shop. Tourists can buy fresh fish from the local fishers on the coast of Veleka River.

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