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village of Karanovo

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Karanovo is a village in Southeast Bulgaria. It is in Aytos municipality, Burgas region.

There is one other settlement with the same name and it is in Nova Zagora municipality, Sliven region.

It is 10 km south of the town of Aitos, 33 km northwest of the town of Burgas, 28 km east of the town of Karnobat, 114 km southwest of the town of Varna and 400 km east of the capital Sofia.

Its altitude is about 270 m. Aytos plain is valley like. The climate is transitional continental and it is with specific air circulation. The winter is mild, the spring is considerably cool, the summer is hot and the fall is long and warm. There is lots of precipitation in the summer but there are also lots of droughts that is the reason artificial irrigation to be needed. The eastern parts of Aitos mountain are barrier to the infusion of north winds.

The population is about 830 people. The access is year round through an asphalt road. There is bus transportation every week day to the town of Burgas. The village is with electricity and water systems.

Karanovo village is with town hall, community center with library, kindergarten, church. The nearest GP is working at the village of Pirne - 7 km from the village. The nearest schools, hotels and hospital are in the town of Aitos.

Every year there is village festival. It is organized every year on the 21-st November.

Landmarks and tourism

About two kilometers northwest of the village is located the late ancient fortress Mazhki hisar.

In ethnographic complex Genger in park Slaveeca reka in the town of Aitos is exhibited ethnographic exposition of the crafts.

The rock phenomenon Trite bratya that is the symbol of the town of Aitos it is situated in Kazanite area, north of the town of Aitos in Slaveeva reka park. In it there are botanic garden and zoo.

In the town of Burgas you can see the Opera house, the Doll theater, the Sea garden that is ideal place for walks and relaxation. At the Sea garden there is small zoo. In Burgas is situated the cathedral "St st Kiril and Metodii". In the center of the town where you can see many houses from the Renaissance and beautiful architectural buildings.

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