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village of Lyulyakovo

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Lyulyakovo is a village in South Bulgaria. It is situated in Ruen municipality, Burgas region.

It is 50 km northwest of the regional center the town of Burgas, 15 km northwest of the municipality the village of Ruen, 22 km north of the town of Karnobat and 55 km northwest of the ancient city of Nesebar.

The relief is plain. The altitude is between 200 m and 280 m. The climate is temperate and influenced by Cherno more. The winter is mild for the proximity to the sea, the spring is cool, the summer is hot with many sunny days, the fall is long and warm.

The permanent population is about 1800 people.

The infrastructure of the village is well maintained and it is with electricity and water systems - the water sources are Kamchiya dam as well as one private water source. 3 km from the village passes railway line and there is stop. Also there is regular transportation to the Black sea resorts. In Lyulyakovo there is church, community center, kindergarten, school, medical center, pharmacy, food stores, supermarkets, restaurants. With the support of FAR program there was big amount of money for funding of the settlement.



The village attracts tourists with its developed village and cultural tourism. There are committees for songs and the community center revives the traditional customs, rituals and there are regular festivals, singing competitions etc. In Lyulyakovo there are still unique songs.

Bulgarian traditions are still honored here - winter carolers go from house to sing songs for the health and prosperity, and in spring young girls - lazarki orbit homes, sing a song of each member of the family and wish health, good and abundant harvest.

Near the village is 200 years old monastery "St. Joachim and Anna," which was recently restored.
For Lyulyakovo passes Kamchia River, which is a prerequisite for the development of river tourism. Here you will find exotic trips by canoe.

Near Kamchia dam involves development of fishing tourism.

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