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village of Ruen

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Ruen is a village in Southeast Bulgaria. It is administrative center of Ruen municipality, Burgas region.

In Bulgaria there is one other settlement with the same name it is situated in Kuklen municipality, Plovdiv region.

It is 45 km north of the town of Burgas, 65 km west of the town of Byala, 90 km south of the town of Shumen and 410 km east of the capital Sofia.

The access to Ruen village is trough an asphalt road. There public transportation from Ruen to the towns Burgas and Aitos as well as the sea resort Sunny beach.

The altitude of the village is 150 m. The climate is temperate and it is influenced by the Black sea. The winter is considerably mild for the proximity to the sea, the spring is cool, while the summer is with lots of sunny days, the fall is long and warm. The relief is mountain at some places and plain on others.

The population is about 2500 people. The village is with constructed electricity and water systems. On the territory of the municipality the mobile operators have coverage. There is also Internet connection. In the village are developed the viticulture, horticulture, production of oriental tobacco.

In the village are functioning municipality, community center, police station, kindergarten, high school, sports hall and stadium. Specialized medical assistance you can get at the medical center where there are working therapist, neurologist, pediatrician, surgeon, obstetrician, radiologist, laboratory physician and cardiologist 7 people medical staff. Emergency medical care is provided by an affiliate of the Center for emergency care in the city of Burgas.

Landmarks and tourism:

In Ruen municipality there is large hunting game that creates great conditions for the practicing of hunting.

At the sports club in Ruen village trains the only in Bulgaria team for oil wrestling.

Just 14 km south of the village in the town of Aitos you can visit the house museum "Chelengievi", the house museum of "Petar Stanev", the church "St Dimitar Solunski" with valuable icons, the ethnographic museum "Gerger". During the years in the town is made beautiful park called Slaveeva reka for the songs of the nightingales. The rock phenomenon Trite bratya is the symbol of the town of Aitos and is situated in Kazanite area in Park Slaveeva reka. In the park there is also botanic garden and zoo.

In the town of Burgas you can visit the town Opera, the Doll theater, the Sea garden that very good place for walking and relaxation. In the Sea garden there is small zoo. In the town of Burgas there is cathedral "St st Kiril and Metodii". At the center of the town you can see many houses from the Renaissance and beautiful architectural buildings.

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