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village Zidarovo

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Zidarovo is a village in southeastern Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality of Sozopol, District Bourgas


It is 18 km southwest of Bourgas, 24 km southwest of the town of Chernomorets, 36 km southwest of Sozopol and 31 km northwest of the town Primorsko


The terrain is flat. Altitude in different parts ranging from 0 to 49 meters. The climate is transitional-Mediterranean with the Black Sea climatic influence. Characterized by mild winters and warm sunny summer. In the settlement passes Fakiyska River, which flows into the Mandra lake (dam), the largest lake in the Republic of Bulgaria. 
The population is around 1160 people. 
English, Russian and Danish families have bought property in Zidarovo. 
The village has electricity and water supplied, with regular bus service. There is a kindergarten, school and community center.

Tourist and cultural attractions 

The village has a chapel, named "Ayazmoto" where there is a spring to which the legends that is healing. Each year in May Fair is held in the village. 
Here are reserved and mummers customs. Kukeri Day is celebrated in the spring of Meat Lent. Participants in holiday wear authentic leather costumes, masks on their faces, belts with bells and bells at the waist. 
Nearby is Mandra Lake (10 km away from Burgas) - the most southern of the three Bourgas Lakes. Until 1963. it was brackish lake, and today is a dam with water area about 3884 hectare. Mandra coast of cover at the northern slopes of bronze. Mandra Lake store large quantities of fresh water is increasingly scarce natural resource. Another value of lake fish stocks and its water game. 
The lake is attractive to proponents of the cognitive tourism in all seasons. 
The most valuable parts of the lake are under protection (mouth of the river Izvorska - an area of ​​151 ha), or proposed protected areas (the "Uzungeren" - an area of ​​210 hectare). 

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